Affordable gardening and landscape doesn’t have to mean tiny plants and years of patience. In fact, you can create beautiful outdoor spaces today without putting a strain on your budget.

affordable gardening Utah

Gardens and landscaping boost the curb appeal of your home and make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable for your family. Try our simple and affordable gardening suggestions and you can get a big impact without a big price tag.

Invest in High-Quality, Young Landscaping Trees

Here in Northern Utah, we love our landscaping trees for the shade and beauty they bring to our yards and gardens. Unfortunately, many varieties can be on the expensive side. Gardening experts recommend spending a little extra for high-quality trees, but you can offset the cost of quality by compromising just a little on size.

To lower your costs, skip the mature trees and opt for young trees instead. Young landscaping trees are much less expensive, making them a smart long-term investment. Younger, smaller trees adapt more easily to their new location and will be easier for you to handle on your own.

Visit us here at the garden center for personalized recommendations that are appropriate for your needs. We can help you choose long-lasting, low-maintenance tree varieties that will complement your landscape, but that won’t grow too large for your location or cause damage to your home’s foundation or structure.

Choose Perennial Plants for More Affordable Gardening

The beautiful annual flowers and plants that color our shelves every spring may be tempting, and their prices are definitely affordable. Remember, though, that you’ll spend that money again next year.

Perennial plants are more budget-friendly, as you only need to buy them once. Perennials come back year after year, growing bigger and more beautiful over time. Many perennial flowers and shrubs can also be divided or propagated. In other words, you can take cuttings from existing perennial plants to create new plants. Propagating your perennials is a great way to fill out your landscaping and make it more lush, without having to spend more.

You can invest exclusively in perennials for your affordable gardening, or use them as the backdrop for a few carefully selected annuals. You can also start your annuals from seed, to save even more money. In fact, this is perfect timing to buy and begin sprouting your seeds.

Get Creative for More Affordable Gardening and Landscape

Hardscape elements can quickly drain your landscaping and garden budget. Pavers, patios and arbors provide a beautiful touch to your outdoor space but their costs add up quickly. Likewise, planters and garden containers can break the bank if you aren’t careful.

The solution? Get creative. Millcreek Gardens has a wide variety of affordable outdoor plant and shrubbery options, but hardscape materials don’t all have to come from your local garden center.

Many different materials can be used to add interest to your landscaping. Consider recycling old bricks, concrete blocks or lumber for use as garden or pathway edging, for example. Or, build a living wall with recycled wood pallets. Hang salvaged windows and add window boxes for a unique, colorful accent.

Thinking creatively can also help you save money on outdoor planters. Old barrels, wooden crates or antique wagons can serve as unique planters or container gardens. Visit local thrift shops and flea markets to find fun and affordable outdoor décor that fits your garden’s theme.

For more tips on livening up your outdoor spaces without breaking the bank, head to Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City UT. Our friendly associates can answer all your questions and help you select the perfect landscaping trees, outdoor plants and accessories to create the perfect – and affordable – garden and landscaping.