When you choose a local plant nursery for flowers, trees and shrubs, you come away with much more than just plants.

Sure, you could head to one of the big box stores or buy your plants and gardening supplies online. But choosing to shop at your local garden center adds value that those alternatives don’t offer.

local plant nursery

No. 1: Your Local Plant Nursery Offers Great Advice

Not everyone has a green thumb. In fact, many gardeners need a little help to keep their outdoor plants healthy.

If you have questions about your garden, who better to answer them than the staff at your local nursery? The employees grow plants for a living, and their hands-on, year-round experience means they can offer gardening tips and suggestions that are proven to work in this area.

At the big box and online retailers, getting your questions answered isn’t so easy. General growing information may be available, but you probably won’t have the same access to personal, expert advice – if you can even find an associate to talk to.

No. 2: Your Local Plant Nursery “Gets” Northern Utah

Growing conditions vary widely across the country and even throughout our state. Trees, flowers and shrubs that flourish in some areas may not do so well in others.

Your local nursery understands the specific soil, climate and pest challenges that exist in our area of northern Utah. Consequently, the staff can recommend outdoor plants that can survive and thrive under our unique – and often challenging – conditions.

You can research planting zones and general information online, but nothing can compare to the voices of experience that greet you at your local garden center.

No. 3 Local Nurseries Sell High-Quality Plants

Big box retailers and online stores may have lower prices for their indoor and outdoor plants, as they buy in bulk. But this means their selection is limited to the most popular varieties. Unusual or native species can often only be found at your neighborhood plant nursery.

In addition, big box and online retailers purchase their flowers, trees and shrubs from wholesale growers located throughout the country. The plants are grown in greenhouses, who knows where, so they are not adapted to any particular or soils climate conditions.

Neighborhood garden centers, on the other hand, grow their own outdoor plants or buy them from local growers. In either case, the plants are well adapted to our northern Utah climate and growing conditions, so you can trust that they will thrive as a part of your garden or landscape.

For personalized advice and expert answers to all of your gardening questions, Millcreek Gardens is the local favorite. Visit us in Salt Lake City today, and you’ll appreciate the difference a local plant nursery can make in your gardening success.