Shopping at the plant nursery is always a treat. Being surrounded by the colors and smells of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and trees is always a thrill for any gardener.

plant nursery

But, with a few of our favorite tricks up your sleeve, shopping at your local garden center can be even more satisfying. Below are four secrets to being a smart shopper at the plant nursery.

No. 1: Shop During the Week

While the weekend may seem like a convenient time to visit the plant nursery, Saturday and Sunday aren’t usually the best days for shopping. More customers are milling about, so finding the right flowing plants may be more of a challenge.

Plus, trucks typically deliver plants during the week. You can always call your local garden center to find out their delivery day. Shop before the weekend rush, and you’ll have access to the best plant selection.

No. 2: Shop Throughout the Growing Season

How often do you visit your local plant nursery? If you’re like many gardeners, you may shop once or twice a year, which means you could be missing out on some gorgeous shrubs, trees and flowering plants.

If you only shop at the beginning of the spring growing season, you’ll mainly find late-spring and early-summer bloomers, because the late-summer and fall flowering plants haven’t had a chance to sprout yet.

For a wider selection of outdoor plants, visit the plant nursery several times throughout the season. Here at Millcreek Gardens, we get regular deliveries of new plants, so you never know what beauties you may find when you stop by more often.

No. 3: Choose Your Plants Carefully

This may seem obvious, but make sure you select annuals, perennials and flowering plants that are strong and healthy. Look for sturdy stems, vibrant leaves and a bushy shape. And, if you buy plants with more buds than blooms, you’ll get continuous color once you’ve added them to your home landscape.

When you’re at the plant nursery, don’t be afraid to gently slide a plant out of its pot to take a look at the roots. After all, you don’t want to purchase any that are completely root bound. Also, avoid plants that show signs of disease or pest problems. No gardener wants to take those problems home!

No. 4: Don’t Ignore the Bargain Plants

Shopping the clearance tables and end-of-season sales at your local plant nursery is a great way to find amazing bargains.

Sure, some discount-priced plants may not be worth the trouble. But you’re bound to discover a hidden gem or two. Crowded pots are a particularly great value. Take one home, and then divide the plants into a few smaller pots. Give them proper care, and you’ll end up with several healthy flowering plants for the price of just one.

Are you ready to start shopping? Millcreek Gardens carries a vast selection of the best plants, flowers, shrubs, landscaping trees and gardening supplies. And, our expert staff is always on hand to answer questions and offer expert advice. Every day is a great day to shop at Millcreek Gardens! Come visit our Salt Lake City plant nursery today.