White perennial flowers have a brightening effect gardens and flowerbeds, enhancing you other plants during the day and virtually glowing in the early evening twilight.

Several gorgeous varieties of white flowers are available at your local garden center, all of which can beautify your outdoor spaces. Here are five Millcreek Gardens staff favorites.

white perennial flowers

No. 1: Snowdrop

Galanthus nivalis, more commonly known as the snowdrop, is a spring-blooming bulbous perennial that is known to poke its head up through an early spring blanket of snow. The name, however, refers to the way these white flowers resemble drops of snow.

Snowdrop is easy to grow, and it can flourish in full sun or partially shaded areas of your garden. These stunning white flowers also do particularly well under deciduous trees.

No. 2: Evergreen Candytuft

Evergreen candytuft, or Iberis sempervirens, is another striking spring bloomer. This groundcover plant features glossy evergreen foliage with loads of multi-petaled white flowers that last for several weeks.

Once established, evergreen candytuft is drought-tolerant, and it can grow well in either full sun or partial shade. These white perennial flowers prefer drier, well-drained soil. If your garden has heavy clay soil that stays wet during winter, mix in some soil amendments to improve drainage before planting these perennial flowers.

No. 3: Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum, or Lobularia maritima, is a fragrant, low-growing perennial flower that features dozens of tiny white blooms bursting from each stem. The blooms can last for months – even during the winter in milder climates – making them a perfect choice for northern Utah gardens.

Full sun is best for sweet alyssum, but they can tolerate partial shade. As these beauties can spread, they make for excellent groundcover plants.

No. 4: Tufted Evening Primrose

Oenothera caespitosa, or the tufted evening primrose, has spectacular large white blooms surrounded by long toothed (or tufted) leaves. These perennial flowers open once the sun starts to set, attracting nighttime pollinators.

The tufted evening primrose is native to Utah, so these perennial flowers can certainly thrive in your garden. This plant is highly tolerant of drought, but it needs full sun to thrive.

No. 5: Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata, or the David garden phlox, is a sweetly-perfumed perennial flower that maintains a full display of large, brilliant white blossoms from late summer through early fall. Thinning the shoots in the spring can encourage these perennials to develop larger and longer-lasting flower heads.

Another native Utah plant, this phlox variety grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. During dry spells, these perennial flowers require regular deep watering.

The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens can recommend a wide range of beautiful flowers, shrubs and landscaping trees that are ideally suited for the Utah growing conditions. To explore our options for white perennial flowers or other outdoor plants, visit our beautiful Salt Lake City garden center today.