Rose bushes can bring eternal beauty and exquisite fragrance to any Utah garden.

Hundreds of varieties of roses are available, with flowers in a seemingly endless range of sizes, shapes and colors. No wonder choosing which ones to plant can be such a daunting task.

rose bushes

Our knowledgeable garden center staff can always offer advice. Or, for inspiration, check out these six eye-catching rose bush varieties.

No 1: Hybrid Tea Roses

hybrid-tea-rose-squareThe large, high-centered blooms of the hybrid tea rose mimic those seen at most florist shops.

These rose bushes are always popular among Utah gardeners, as they flower repeatedly throughout the summer months. They are also perfect for cutting. And, most hybrid tea varieties exude a wonderful fragrance.

No. 2: Polyantha Roses

polyantha-rose-squareBorn from the crossing of wild roses, polyanthas bloom in large clusters of small, vibrant flowers.

Polyantha rose bushes are smaller than some other varieties, but they are very hardy and produce repeated blooms. Many Utah gardeners use these fragrant beauties for borders or hedges, but they can also flourish in container gardens.

No. 3: Floribunda Roses

floribunda-roseFloribunda roses came about by crossing polyanthas and hybrid teas. These hardy, low-maintenance stunners make great landscape bushes, as they seem to bloom almost continuously from spring until the first frost.

Shorter and bushier than many other rose varieties, floribundas can have either flat or cup-shaped blooms, with sprays of flowers on each branch.

No. 4: Grandiflora Roses

grandiflora-roseGrandiflora rose bushes create an impressive focal point and are often planted as border landscaping or hedging. These roses can grow to heights of up to six feet, and their long stems display clusters of glorious, showy blooms with a sweet floral perfume.

These sophisticated head-turners marry the show-stopping blooms of the hybrid tea with the hardiness and repeated flowering of the floribunda, making them a perfect choice for any Utah garden.

No. 5: Climbing Roses

climbing-rose-squareClimbing roses add a charming, graceful touch to the landscape and are ideal for gardens with limited space. As their name suggests, these outdoor plants weave and climb their way through fences, arbors and trellises.

With climbing roses, the blossoms are held up high, draping the garden structures to create a dazzling display. Climbers can have single or clustered blooms, and some varieties flower continually throughout the season.

No. 6: Miniature Roses

miniature-rose-squareThe smallest outdoor plants of the rose world, miniature roses grow about one to three feet in height and feature delicate mini blooms about an inch or so in size.

Miniature roses are often overlooked, but their tinier blooms are ideal for rock gardens and small landscape areas. These rose bushes also make for delightful container gardens on the deck or patio.

Are you ready to freshen up your rose gardens? The experienced staff at Millcreek Gardens can recommend varieties that are suited to the growing conditions of your location. Visit us in Salt Lake City today for personal tips and advice on choosing and caring for your rose bushes.