Annual flowers can bring your Utah landscape to life with eye-popping color. Planted in containers for the porch or patio, or arranged in garden beds, annuals draw attention with their vibrant, beautiful blooms.

Annual Flowers: 4 Tips to Grow a Gorgeous Garden

Are you thinking you might try growing annuals this year? Follow a few common sense tips for choosing and planting annual flowers, and you’ll have a fantastic show of color from now until the waning days of summer.

Plant Annual Flowers After the Last Spring Freeze

Annuals need warm soil to flourish, so you’ll want to wait to plant them until the danger of frost has passed.

The average date for the last spring freeze varies throughout our state. In Salt Lake City, annuals can typically be planted after April 26, but in Tooele and other parts of northern Utah, planting may need to wait until closer to the middle of May.

For expert advice on annual planting dates for your area, check with your local garden center or county extension agent.

Prepare Your Garden Soil Before Planting Annuals

Proper soil bed preparation is the key to gardening success with annuals.

Before planting, use a spade to loosen and turn the garden soil. Extra organic matter is definitely a benefit to native Utah soils, so work in some compost, grass clippings, peat or decaying leaves. Finally, don’t forget to add a high-nitrogen or slow-release complete fertilizer. Ask the staff at your local garden center for recommendations.

Select the Right Annuals for Your Landscape

For hardy, gorgeous annuals that last all season long, you’ll need to choose plants that are well-suited to your landscape growing conditions.

Some annuals – like snapdragons, dahlias and petunias – need full sun to grow well. Other varieties, including begonias and impatiens, are tolerant of shade. As you select annuals, make sure they’re right for the garden spots where you intend to plant them. If you’re not sure, you can always check with the staff at your local garden center.

Choose Healthy, Well-Established Annual Flowers

When shopping for annuals, look for perky, compact plants with an abundance of healthy dark green foliage and plenty of flower buds. Make sure the plants you purchase are well-rooted, but not pot-bound or overgrown.

For the best selection of stunning and vigorous annual flowers, visit us here at Millcreek Gardens. Our plant nursery is stocked with a vast array of well-established annual and perennial flowers that are sure to thrive in your northern Utah landscape.

If you need help or advice about color combinations or garden design, just ask. The knowledgeable and friendly Millcreek Gardens staff is happy to share our expertise. To choose your flowering plants, or for more tips on growing annual flowers, visit our convenient garden center location today in Salt Lake City.