Gardening season is peaking, but is there something just a little off about your yard, trellis or edible garden? There’s a “right” way to garden and plant for the best blossoms and edibles, as well as the most pleasing aesthetics. Even a seasoned gardener can fall into a common landscaping mishap, but the good news is that most are easy to fix and you have plenty of time to do so. Simultaneously, “good gardening” prepares your land for next summer’s yard and ensures you’re ahead of the curve.


One of the biggest faux pas is simply adding too much lawn ornamentation, which can turn a personalized garden into a kitschy one in all the wrong ways. It’s one of the most common landscaping mistakes since it’s so easy to get wooed by all those cute baubles at the store, but remember that simplicity is best. However, other mistakes aren’t so innocent—such as forgetting to recycle.


Biggest Blunders to Avoid


You should have a solid recycling and composting regimen in place. Most people are Garden and flowerssurprised by how much waste a yard can produce, from clippings to debris. Renting a shredder to create mulch is a great idea. Don’t forget to pick up the spoiled goods, since one of the biggest summer fruit trees gardening mistakes is leaving fruits to fall and rot. That’s a missed opportunity for great composting.


Wondering how to grow beautiful roses and why yours aren’t keeping pace with the neighbors’? It might be because they were planted in the wrong place. While most rose breeds are pretty durable and will make do in many environments, you need to take adequate sun exposure into account for each and every breed. Also make sure you’ve allowed enough room for them to grow and flourish—otherwise, you’ll be cramped come next year and might have to re-plant the entire area.


Aggressive prepping problems


If planted too deeply, it’s pretty easy to kill a tree. Overdoing it is a newbie mistake, but anyone can be guilty of this crime. Don’t assume that more soil is better, because plants can actually be “choked” with this method. Plant too deep and root rot can occur.


Another mistake is cutting the grass too short in an effort to create a cleaner looking yard or to get more time between clippings. This can lead to bare patches, which is a welcome home for diseases and insects. In addition, your lawn will require more water since it won’t be able to hold on to moisture near the roots with added exposure to the sun.


Perhaps the most unfortunate of summer gardening mistakes is forgetting the view from the window. You planted this garden to enjoy it, so make sure you have a front row view from your favorite chair or indoor table. Sure, it’s fantastic to pull up in the driveway and take in a gorgeously groomed yard, but how much time do you really spend in the driveway? Make sure the landscaping joy is maximized for you and that you can indulge in some sightseeing throughout the day—otherwise, it’s more of a treat for your neighbors than yourself.