Budget Friendly Gardening

Helpful gardening tips are easy to come by these days, with the Internet, television, books and magazines. The very best tips, however, are those that consider your wallet as well as your landscape. Proper planning will help ensure that you purchase only those items you need. When possible, use do-it-yourself strategies and free materials to save even more. Doing a little extra legwork early in the season will help produce a bountiful yield that’s good for your family’s health as well as your bank account. Read on for more money-saving gardening and landscape ideas.
Garden Planning Tips to Save Money
Gardeners tend to buy some plants on impulse. Plan out your garden and landscaping beds in advance, make a comprehensive list and only purchase those items that are on your list when you visit the garden center. Buying in bulk can also save money. Put your shopping list together with neighbors and friends to increase everyone’s buying power. Having your soil tested in early spring will provide guidance on what to plant and how to fertilize, increasing your yield and saving you money on soil amendments.
Go DIY When You Can
Composting is an ideal way to reduce your landfill footprint and save money on soil additives. Visit a local farm and ask about manure. Many farmers will gladly let you take some for free as long as you haul it away. Divide existing perennials and replant them in other areas, trade with friends and neighbors for other plant types or ask them if you can take cuttings from their established plants. Create your own mulch from fallen leaves, wood scraps or sawdust. These products are also perfect for creating cost-effective garden paths and for edge dressing.
Consider What and How to Grow
Start as much of your garden as you can with seeds, which are significantly less expensive than seedlings. Share seeds with your neighbors if you are unable to use them all or desire a larger variety. If you have limited space for gardening, grow those items that cost the most to buy at the market, or that are not readily available for purchase. Use organic methods of fertilization and pest control to save money and avoid using dangerous chemicals. Finally, although it may sound obvious, plant only as much you will use. If you found yourself taking bags of squash to work last summer or begging friends and neighbors to take more tomatoes off your hands, you’ve wasted effort and money.
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