If you love gardening, a greenhouse could be the perfect addition to your northern Utah property.
Greenhouses can be pricey. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average cost to have a greenhouse built is just under $14,000. However, if you’re a handy homeowner, you can build your own greenhouse for substantially less money.

Many websites provide free building plans but talking to someone with greenhouse experience – like the staff at Millcreek Gardens – can help ensure your DIY project is an affordable success.

Save with Salvaged Materials

Building a greenhouse with new supplies is the easiest way to go, but you can see big savings if you use salvaged goods instead. Often, you can source free project materials You might have to do a bit of cleaning or make alterations to the plans, but the cost savings will make the extra effort worthwhile.

Think About the Climate

Greenhouses need an abundance of sunlight, but you may need to use a shade cloth if high temperatures hit your part of northern Utah. And, if your property gets heavy wind, you might need a fence or hedge to act as a windbreak. In addition, unless you add insulation, you’ll need a plan for cold weather greenhouse growing.

For tips on working around climate, ask the staff at your local garden center.

Include Storage Space

You might be tempted to fill your greenhouse with plants – who wouldn’t be? But, while this would make maximum use of the space, don’t neglect the importance of storage space. If you don’t plan a spot inside to stash your gardening supplies, you’ll have to carry them along every time you visit the greenhouse or resign yourself to making trips back-and-forth to wherever you have them stored.

Save yourself these headaches, and make sure your building plans include storage space.

Don’t Forget to Anchor Your Greenhouse

Make sure that your greenhouse is firmly anchored to the ground. Otherwise, a storm or blustery winds could uproot the structure and wreak havoc on the plants you have inside. If that happens, all your hard work in building the greenhouse and in growing the plants could be for naught.

Are you new to greenhouse growing? For expert advice, drop by Millcreek Gardens. Our friendly staff has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve success with all your landscaping and gardening endeavors.

Millcreek Gardens is northern Utah’s leading garden center, a local favorite for over 60 years. Our plant nursery is stocked with a vast range of healthy indoor and outdoor plants, and we carry a full line of high-quality gardening supplies that can make your life easier. Visit our Salt Lake City garden center today – we’d love to help you get started with greenhouse gardening.