Climbing Plants

Today, we extol the virtues of using climbing plants to diversify – and beautify – your garden and landscaping.
Gardening is such a popular pastime because it provides an outlet for expression while improving the earth’s beauty and atmosphere. By incorporating a variety of plants, you encourage biodiversity and provide a refuge for beneficial insects and local wildlife.
If you haven’t experimented with climbing plants yet, you will be delighted by what you can accomplish with even one or two different species.
Why Choose Climbing Plants?
Climbing plants are hardy, really adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways. These plants can be used for privacy, for beauty or for shade – whatever your little gardening heart desires!
As an added bonus, many species are perennial, which means you can enjoy their beauty year after year.
Boston Ivy
These plants are perfect for creating a living wall or covering a fence. Boston ivy grows best in full sun and turns a beautiful red color in the fall. It doesn’t require wires or a trellis to spread.
Planting Boston ivy is the perfect way to turn your home or garden into a cozy English cottage!
This climbing plant smells wonderful.
It has very delicate, feather-like leaves that make it a dramatic addition to any garden. It goes with almost any style of garden or landscape, too. The only thing you need to consider is that wisteria can take three to five years to flower after they are planted.
Some payoffs are more than worth the wait, and wisteria is definitely one of those.
Chinese Star Jasmine
It's jasmine, so you know the scent of the blooms on this climber are going to be out of this world.
This variety of jasmine is ideal for novice gardeners because it can grow well in many different locations, from full to partial sun, and even in restricted water conditions. Plus, the leaves stay green all year long.
This is a truly great addition to any garden.
A climbing classic, bougainvillea offers very bright and bold colors that range from pink to purple, deep red to golden tones.
These climbers are very tough plants, so it’s a good choice if you’re a novice gardener. This plant does have some nasty thorns though, so you must be careful with how you prune it.
Have you heard it through the grapevine – that this plant is a winner?
Grapevine offers great seasonal color and provides you with your very own grapes! Plus, it can provide shade in the summer or the winter. If the fruit version is too much for your garden, you can select a non-fruiting version instead
No matter what you wish to accomplish in your garden, you can’t go wrong with climbing plants.
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