How about a few creative landscape ideas to celebrate the bounty of autumn?

Anyone can head to the nearest big box store and buy run-of-the-mill outdoor decorations. This year, why not take a step beyond the ordinary to transform the outside of your home? Our simple and inexpensive landscape ideas make great weekend projects for the whole family.


Accent Your Autumn Landscape with Pumpkins and Gourds

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Many families like to grab a few and carve them for a Halloween display on the front porch. That’s a great idea, but pumpkins can do so much more for your fall landscape design.

Why confine your pumpkins to the front porch? Consider placing them in artistic groupings around the base of your shade trees or shrubs, for example. Or, cascade several down your porch steps. You can also stack them and place them anywhere, simply by removing the stems, like a fall version of a snowman!

Not every pumpkin has to be carved, either.

Leave them intact or paint them in solid colors and fall designs. Stencil on leaves in vivid autumn colors, for example. And, for that matter, you don’t have to stick to pumpkins. Many types of gourds and squash can contribute to your autumn design, making them perfect additions to your yard.

Landscape Ideas Using Harvest-Time Plants

Autumn, Halloween and harvest time go hand in hand.

Hay or straw bales and dried corn stalks can definitely help you create the perfect seasonal landscape design. Or, encircle your porch pillars with broomcorn and secure with a raffia bow. Grapevine also has a harvest look. Use it by wrapping around your porch railings and posts.

Add some life – and pops of color – to your autumn landscape with a variety of different fall flowering plants.

Helenium blooms in shades of yellow and orange, for example. Or, choose one of the traditional favorites, like chrysanthemums or marigolds, but put a spin on the design by setting their pots inside pumpkins.

Don’t be afraid to stray from orange and yellow flowering plants. A touch of purple can set off your fall landscape. A few well-placed asters could have a big impact.

Simple and Effective Fall Landscape Ideas

You chose your existing landscape design with care. To create a festive, fall look, you could simply emphasize the elements you already have in place.

Hang strands of tiny orange or purple lights, and wrap them around the trunks of your shade trees, for example. Or, apply glow-in-the-dark paint to some landscape rocks and use them to line a walkway. You could also place little pumpkins and gourds inside your planters and window boxes or hang them from your tree branches to boost your seasonal landscape look.

The staff at Millcreek Gardens loves this festive season. Stop by our Salt Lake City garden center today and let our experienced team give you even more fun and unique autumn landscape ideas.