Herb Garden Pots and Containers

Do you dream of having a fresh herb garden, but you don’t have a practical spot for it in the yard? Or maybe you’re a condo or apartment dweller with no yard at all?
Fortunately, you can enjoy fresh herbs all summer long, even with limited space, by using pots and containers for your garden. And, if you’re so inclined, you can even add a pop of color by mixing in some annual flowers too.
Individual Container Herb Garden Ideas
If you enjoy giving each type of herb its own room to grow, plan your project with individual containers for each seedling. This also allows you to accommodate your herb garden in a small or irregularly shaped space.
Mason jars are perfect for this purpose but you can use almost any container that strikes your fancy. Small galvanized buckets are a cute way to go too. But, if you want a more budget-friendly approach, save your large (no. 10) food cans. Recruit the kids or grandkids to help make colorful labels, or print colorful photo labels to match your décor. You can also repurpose an old set of kitchen canisters, tea cups, or a collection of mismatched old shoes or boots for your container garden.
If you have an assortment of small terra cotta, ceramic or plastic flower pots, you can create a lovely indoor gardenscape. Paint your pots in coordinating colors or leave them as-is for a rustic feel. You can even use puff paints to write the names of each herb on the appropriate container.
Combine Your Herb Garden in Large Containers
If you have the room, combining different types of plants into one or more large pots or containers creates a visually appealing herb garden, especially when you add in a few annual flowers for color.
Many indoor gardeners prefer to use long, thin planters (think window box), because they provide maximum sun exposure for the herbs. If you plan to place your herb garden on the balcony or patio, consider using a container with wheels. This will make it easier for you to move your planter to catch the sun, or to hose down underneath.
For a more artsy look, use wooden wine or produce crates as planters and space them out along an indoor or outdoor bench.
Ensure Your Herb Garden’s Success with These Tips
The most important element for a successful container herb garden is sunlight.
Try to locate your plants in a spot that receives sunlight for most of the day, even if it’s indirect. Although many herbs will grow in artificial light, nothing beats the sun’s own rays for indoor planting success.
Ensure that all of your containers have ample drainage, as well as a tray or saucer to catch the drainage. Be sure to empty any standing water promptly to discourage mosquitoes or bacteria growth. If you choose a container without a drainage hole, place several rocks in the bottom prior to adding potting soil. But water sparingly to avoid accumulating too much moisture in the bottom.
Finally, use a good potting soil blend that has plenty to vermiculite or another draining-inducing component. Herbs don’t do well when their roots sit in overly damp soil. Water them only when the soil feels dry to the touch for best results.
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