Raised Herb Garden

An herb garden is the perfect way to add fresh, healthy flavors to your family meals. It’s also a fun project for the entire family and the perfect way to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of gardening.
Unfortunately, busy schedules and frenzied lives prevent many would-be gardeners from attempting to grow fresh herbs, fruits and veggies at home.
For a quick and easy approach to herb gardening, try this surprisingly simple do-it-yourself method of raised bed growing.
Quick and Easy No-Dig Raised Beds? Seriously?
This is honestly one of the most innovative approaches to raised bed gardening we’ve seen in a long time, and one you’re sure to love.
Using bags of potting soil and raised platforms, you can complete the entire project in an hour or two, and that includes shopping for supplies!
Using this method, you don’t have to lay out or build your raised planting beds, you don’t have to dig in the ground or mix in soil amendments, and you don’t have to battle with weeds.
Choose a location for your raised beds that will receive the proper amount of sun for your plant species, and where they will be adequately protected from pets and other natural predators.
Gather These Simple Supplies
For each mini-bed, you’ll need one large bag (2 cubic feet) of potting soil and a platform for it to rest on.
For your platform, you can use virtually any surface that will facilitate drainage. Two saw horses with a heavy duty screen or pallet will work, as will any outdoor furniture that allows water to flow through.
Creative types might use an old baker’s rack or potting bench as a platform, but you can simply place the bags on the ground too, if you don’t mind bending over to work on them.
You’ll need some scissors, a small garden rake and trowel, and your seeds or seedlings. And that’s it!
Planting Your Herbs, Fruits and Veggies
Begin by carefully poking a dozen or so small holes in one side of the unopened bag of potting soil, to facilitate drainage. Place the bag, hole side down, on the platform. Using your scissors, carefully cut away a rectangle-shaped portion of the bag’s top surface, leaving a three-inch border of plastic on all four sides.
Using your small rake, carefully break up any dirt clods, to ensure that the soil has plenty of aeration.
Now, simply create holes or indentations in the dirt for your seeds or seedlings, drop them in, and cover them up.
Repeat this process for each mini-bed and, when everything is planted, give them all a nice, gentle watering.
Maintain your plants as appropriate for whatever you’re growing, by watering, misting and fertilizing when needed.
What Can I Grow in This Easy Herb Garden?
With few exceptions, you can grow whatever you’d like in these simple raised beds.
Bear in mind that these are single-use planting beds that you will use for compost once the growing season is done. Consequently, choose annual plants unless you don’t mind moving and repotting them in the fall.
Virtually any type of herb will thrive in this environment, as will salad greens, peppers and even tomatoes!
Once you try this stunningly simple approach, you’ll wonder why you ever considered doing it any other way!
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