In the fall, gardening tasks begin to taper off. But what if you’re not ready to put away your gardening supplies for the year?

Growing an indoor windowsill garden is a great way to scratch your green thumb itch.

Windowsill gardening is fun and easy for both novice and expert gardeners, and the plants will bring living beauty to your indoor spaces. Plus, indoor plants can help clean and freshen the air inside your home.

Fall Gardening Ideas: Grow an Indoor Windowsill Garden

Are you ready to get started with window gardening? We asked our knowledgeable team for their best advice for growing gorgeous and healthy windowsill gardens.

Easy Indoor Growers for a Windowsill Garden

Which indoor plants are well-suited for windowsill gardening? Actually, you have a wide range of options.

Microgreens are a popular indoor gardening choice, as they’re quite easy to grow. Plus, microgreens are rapid growers, so you can enjoy a harvest in as little as a week or two.

Herbs are also easy growers for window gardening. Mint, parsley, chives, basil, oregano and many other herbs can thrive indoors.

You can drop by Millcreek Gardens for other suggestions for easy-to-grow plants. Or, if you already have healthy indoor plants, you could opt to use them to start a windowsill garden. Simply use gardening pruners to take cuttings, trim off the lower leaves and place the stems into moist potting mix.

Ideal Conditions for Growing a Windowsill Garden

Indoor plants need several hours of daily sunshine, so choose your window carefully – one with eastern or southern exposure is best for a windowsill garden.

Aside from sunlight (and water, of course), temperature is the most important factor for successful indoor gardening. Temperature needs vary from plant to plant, but most prefer about 70 to 75 degrees. If your chosen windowsill gets too chilly, consider placing the garden planter on a shelf or small table in front of the window, rather than on the sill.

Tips for Windowsill Gardening Success

First of all, if the perfect window for indoor gardening doesn’t have a sill, why not make one? Install a small ledge or shelf under the frame, and you’ll have a spot for your planter.

Whether you create your own windowsill or already have a ledge in place, keep the weight of your planter in mind. Gardening pots get heavier when the plants get watered, and the sill could break if the weight is too great.

When deciding on the placement for your windowsill garden, consider your heat vents – you don’t want your indoor plants near or over a vent.

Finally, don’t despair if your first windowsill gardening efforts fail. Simply tweak your approach and try again with different plants or a different window location.

Do you have questions about growing and caring for indoor plants? The knowledgeable and friendly gardening staff at Millcreek Gardens, Utah’s favorite plant nursery, can provide the answers. For more advice on how to grow an indoor windowsill garden, visit us in Salt Lake City and speak with one of our gardening experts today.