Fall Tree Care

Tree care is high on the to-do list, now that autumn has arrived. As we all get excited about the return of chilly weather and pumpkin-flavored everything, don’t forget about the trees, shrubs and plants in your yard.
Now is the time to begin the important maintenance that will carry your trees successfully through the winter months. Read on for some helpful tips to ensure that your trees hang on through the winter and flourish in the spring!
Tips for Fertilizing Trees
The varying temperature extremes throughout summer and winter leach vitamins and minerals from your soil. You can counteract this loss of nutrients now with a good fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers feed your trees all year long, even in winter. This will also help your trees avoid disease and insect infestations and handle the stress of extreme temperatures in the winter months.
Because different species require different types and amounts of fertilization, be sure to check with your local garden center for guidance.
Don’t Forget to Hydrate
We all water our lawns and yards during the summer, but often neglect to do so in the fall, believing that cooler temperatures require less hydration. In reality, fall is the best time to provide your trees with some robust hydration.
Beware, however, because watering your trees from above ground probably won’t be enough. This year, why not try your hand at a little subsurface hydration, to reach the tree’s roots more effectively. Ask your local garden center about purchasing an injection probe, a device that you sink into soil to dispense water directly to your tree’s roots. This method is highly effective for the plants and it helps you save water, as none is lost to surface evaporation.
Well-timed Planting Is Key
Speaking of newly planted trees, did you know that fall is actually one of the best times of year to plant a new tree? The temperature has cooled off a bit already, so your new sapling won’t be subjected to the extreme temperatures, drought or sun scorch that comes with late spring and summer planting. These favorable conditions will help newly planted trees build up their root system quickly and better prepare them to go dormant in the winter.
Give Your Trees the Proper Tools
One of the best things you can do to prepare your landscape for winter is to cable, brace and prune trees before the snow and ice make their appearance. Look for broken or rotting branches as well as any weakened areas that you may need to reinforce. This will allow the plant to better withstand heavy snow and ice.
In the Salt Lake City area, Millcreek Gardens has all the trees and plants you need for fall planting, as well as fertilizers, mulch and garden tools to make the job easy and fun. And don’t forget about the free advice! Our experienced team knows northern Utah, and we can answer all your questions about fall planting and tree care.