Front Landscape Ideas

Some of today’s best landscape ideas and designs for the front yard are omitting the grass lawn.
Turfgrass offers its share of benefits; it’s beautiful and it helps lower the ambient temperature around your home. However, the disadvantages of grass outweigh the benefits for many homeowners today.
Why Grass-Free Front Landscape Ideas Make Sense
If you want to keep your lawn green and healthy, you have to invest sufficient time, effort and resources. Not only must you mow and edge regularly, but you must also fertilize, control weeds and pests, and water and water and water.
Water has become such a precious resource in Northern Utah that homeowners are opting to use more drought-tolerant types of landscape ideas and designs. When you eliminate grass from your yard, you can save hundreds of dollars in water costs every year while helping to preserve water.
You will also reduce your time in the yard significantly, and reduce or eliminate the need to use pollution-generating mowers and trimmers.
Besides, how much time do you actually spend in the front yard? Most families use the back yard for kids and pets to play, for barbecues and relaxing. You probably won’t even miss the grass out front.
Grassless Landscape Ideas Reinvent and Reinvigorate Your Home’s Look
If you tour newer neighborhoods, you may notice that most have minimized or eliminated turfgrass from their landscape designs. The result is a fresh, minimalist look that appeals to modern sensibilities. Today’s home buyers don’t want to spend all their free time and discretionary income maintaining their yard.
When you adopt a grass-free landscape design in your front yard, you give your home a modern curb appeal that feels clean and low-maintenance. But it certainly doesn’t have to be boring or colorless.
Front Yard Landscape Ideas You Can Adopt Today
Many homeowners hesitate to get rid of their grass based on the belief that landscape rock is the only alternative. Certainly most grass-free landscape ideas do use some landscape rock, but only in small quantities.
Instead, create a balance of hardscape elements – such as paths, concrete slabs and fountains – with a variety of native plants and groundcover. If you like the idea of creating islands within your landscape, you can create a perimeter and use rock in that sense. However, to maintain the ambient cooling you enjoy with turfgrass, plan to use more plant elements than hardscape and rock.
If you don’t want to use a professional designer, do an internet search for “xeriscape ideas” and “no grass landscaping ideas.” Or you can stop by Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City and let us assist you.
As Northern Utah’s premier locally owned garden center, we specialize in native plants, shrubs, trees and flowers, all grown for our unique climate and growth zone. Native plants provide a variety of benefits. Many are drought-tolerant and highly attractive to beneficial insects and local wildlife.
Stop by Millcreek Gardens today and let us help you ditch the grass in your front yard with our creative landscape ideas and suggestions.