In November, gardening tasks primarily involve getting ready for the frosty weather, since winter is right around the corner.

When it’s too cold or wet to work outside, visiting your local garden center is always a good idea. On the days when the weather isn’t quite so frightful, head outside and work on the following November gardening tasks.

november gardening utah

Water Evergreen Trees and Shrubs as Needed

If your region hasn’t seen much precipitation and the ground hasn’t frozen yet, garden center professionals advise giving your evergreen trees and shrubs a drink. Watering now can help ensure that the plants get the hydration they need to get through the winter.

Protect Newly Planted Evergreen Trees

Did you recently plant new evergreen trees? Some varieties need burlap screens for protection from the harsh winter winds. The staff at your local garden center can let you know if your evergreens need screens and, if so, point you toward the right gardening supplies.

Winterize Your Lawn Mower

You won’t be mowing the grass this month, so your November gardening task list should include winterizing the lawn mower. This typically means changing the engine oil and draining the gas or adding a fuel stabilizer, but be sure to follow the manufacturer recommendations for your machine.

Winterize Your Garden Hoses and Outside Faucets

To prevent damage during freezing weather, take care of your garden hoses and outside faucets in November. Gardening experts recommend disconnecting and draining hoses, then coiling them for storage. As for faucets, shut off the water, then add foam covers for insulation.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

If you have a lawn sprinkler system, you need to protect the components from freezing during the winter. To do so, turn off the flow of water at the main valve, then turn on the sprinkler valves to eliminate any remaining water within the plumbing. For further protection, you can have the system blown out with air – ask your local garden center staff to recommend an irrigation professional to complete the task.

Clean and Sharpen Your Gardening Tools

Since there aren’t too many November gardening tasks you need to accomplish, this month is a great time for seasonal tool maintenance. Clean off any dirt and debris on your gardening tools, then sharpen the blades with a file or bench grinder. To prevent rust, use a cloth to wipe the surfaces with oil.

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