Garden Planner

Choosing the perfect outdoor plants, trees, flowers and shrubs for your garden or landscape can be a challenge.
With countless options for selecting the perfect plants, a little professional guidance can help you in creating a landscape plan that you love. Although a professional landscape architect or designer is not in the budget for most of us, you can find some helpful online tools to put you on the right path.
Why a Landscape or Garden Plan is Important
If you’ve ever walked the aisles of your local garden center – and who among us hasn’t? – you probably found yourself becoming progressively more confused. Perusing all of Utah’s annual flowers, perennial plants, rose bushes and shrubs can be overwhelming.
Chances are, you select a few random plants and place them in your cart. Then you grab a bush or two, some outdoor shrubs and maybe a shade tree. Once you get home, however, you have too many plants for your garden or, worse, too few.
Without a plan, you’re more likely to spend too much money and end up with outdoor plants that aren’t right for the space, or that you can’t use in the location you selected.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a full-color rendering of your dream garden design? Well, with just a few simple keystrokes on your computer, you can!
Use a Garden Planner to Select Your Outdoor Plants
The internet offers a wealth of helpful information on every imaginable topic, and garden planning is no different. You can do a quick online search for a landscape or planning tool that you like, or you can use one like the Better Homes and Gardens Plan-a-Garden app.
This free app allows you to upload a photo of your home or yard, or use of on their pre-selected designs. You can add garden paths of brick or paver stones, a lush, green lawn, trellis or even raised beds.
And now for the fun part: selecting your plants.
With thousands of outdoor plants to choose from, you can drag and drop rose bushes, annual plants, perennial flowers and shade trees to your heart’s content. You can resize the, move them around, and create the landscape plan of your dreams.
You can even save, export and print your full-color plan, so you can take it with you to the garden center.
Next Stop: Visit the Plant Nursery or Garden Center
Now that you know exactly the type, size and number of outdoor plants you need for your design, pop on over and see us at Millcreek Gardens. Our beautiful Salt Lake City garden center has all the plants and gardening supplies you need to turn your fantasy landscape plan into full-color reality.
Millcreek Gardens is locally owned and operated, and staffed by a friendly group of Utah’s best gardening experts. We can help you select the plants for your design, and offer a wealth of advice for planting and caring for your garden.
This summer, trust Millcreek Gardens for all of your gardening and landscaping needs, including the freshest, most beautiful Utah outdoor plants and flowers.