Gardening Trends

Gardening trends come and go but many of this year’s expert projections are timeless. Sustainable, eco-friendly gardens are here to stay and many of 2015’s projections support the environment first and foremost. There’s plenty of fun coming this year too, with even more ways for city dwellers and those with limited space to start their own gardens.
Gardening with Purpose
Although puttering in the garden is fun for everyone, this year the push continues to consider the bigger picture. Add edible species to your planting cycle. If you’re already growing fruits, vegetables or herbs, add even more this year. Ditch the chemicals and learn new ways to fertilize, improve soil and manage pests. Add a compost pile to your yard this year. Finally, consider adding more native plants and garden structures that encourage butterflies, birds and other local species.
Keep a Garden Journal
Master gardeners emphasize the importance of tracking your garden year after year. Record planting dates and species, blooming and fruiting cycles and harvest yields. Keep track of weather and watering patterns and which products you’ve used for soil amendment and fertilization. Take note of any pest problems as well and record how you addressed those. Keep your journals and consult them in subsequent years so you can improve your approach and remember what worked in the past. Why not include photos, seed packets and other visual reminders of your year in the garden? This way you have a memory book as well as a guide for next year’s garden plan. You can even start your journal now, jotting down ideas for this year’s layout as you wait for spring.
It’s All about Those Bees
The threat to pollination continues across the U.S. but gardeners everywhere are doing their part to help and encourage the bee population. Keep blooms going throughout the gardening season by planting fast-growing, bee-friendly species. Stick with an organic approach and eschew pesticides of all types, even those that are certified organic. Research new ways to help bees and teach children the importance of helping to stabilize their population.
The Container Craze Continues
Gardening should be available to everyone who is interested and containers are making that possible. If you live in a small apartment or condo, containers allow you to enjoy beautiful plants and even edible harvests on a tiny patio or in a windowsill. Even if you have a large yard and garden, adding containers to the deck or patio can extend the joys and rewards of your garden.
Millcreek Gardens, serving the entire Salt Lake City region, has everything you need this year to make your garden and yard perfect. Their friendly, helpful staff can recommend the right plants and products for you and whatever gardening trends you plan to observe this year.