As we get into October and kids everywhere begin looking forward to spooky season and eventually Halloween itself, it's time for a yearly tradition that many Salt Lake City residents are familiar with: The third-annual Festival Transylvania hosted by Millcreek Gardens! We've been holding this festival for years now, turning part of our space into a family-friendly, wildly entertaining place to visit.

Millcreek Gardens is proud to serve as your leading provider of garden and plant supplies in SLC, and we also take great pride in our regular involvement with our community. Festival Transylvania is just one of numerous examples here -- let's go over the details of this year's program, plus what you can expect for another year of fun!

Halloween festival Transylvania millcreek gardens

Basic Details

Firstly, let's lay out the simple details of this year's festival. All the basics here:

Tickets can be purchased on our website at your convenience!

Spook Alley

The key attraction for Festival Transylvania, as always, will be the outdoor spook alley. This is one of our spaces that we've converted into an interactive, story-based walk, one that will usually take around an hour to visit and will guide families through all your typical Halloween fun: A hay maze, pumpkins, a makeshift cemetery, and all sorts of various ghosts, ghouls, and costumed characters that are just waiting to entertain you.

There’s an all new story for this year's festival, so even if you've been before you can still expect some new thrills and chills! We can't give away everything here, it’s Dracula’s lucky birthday this year and we’re all in for a big surprise!

Spooky Hollow Munchery

And once you're through the main event and all its fun, make a stop at our famous Spooky Hollow Munchery to fill your belly. We offer everything from cookies and hot chocolate to cotton candy and many other treats, typically for $1 or a similarly low price.

Safety First

We take safety very seriously here at Millcreek Gardens, and that's doubly true for something as high-octane as Festival Transylvania! As such, we have a strict set of guidelines that all guests must follow while in attendance. Some of these are common sense (like not wandering off on your own), but others are specific to Spook Alley and its attractions.

For specific safety guidelines, please consult our website. We also have a set of frequently asked questions that should help clear up anything else you're curious about!

Festival Transylvania is one of our biggest and most popular events here at Millcreek Gardens, and we always enjoy putting it on for the community. We hope to see you soon for this year's event!