Valentine's Day is almost upon us — what are you going to get for your sweetie? We suggest a lovely, long-lasting indoor houseplant from our Salt Lake City gardening store!

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Roses Are a Bad Investment

For many years, the expectation on Valentine's Day has been to send your sweetie (and by this we mean spouse, significant other, mom or anyone you think is sweet) a dozen long-stemmed roses. Prices for a bouquet like this are inflated to three times their regular price or more during this holiday.

The very worst part, however, is that cut flowers don't last long — barely a week if you're lucky. Worse, oftentimes the buds don't even open! There's all kinds of advice online about how to get them to open — fresh cut the stems horizontally, don't expose the flowers to the cold, add a teaspoon of bleach to the water, add sugar, add floo power. But does any of this work? Maybe. Maybe not.

Take the guesswork out of your thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day and get a reliable, hardy, green indoor plant.

Flowering Houseplants for Sale in Salt Lake City

If you have your heart set on giving flowers, give a flowering houseplant.

A peace lily is a lovely and easy-to-care-for gift. Their teardrop-shaped white blooms are so pure and sincere. These plants, which grow wild in the jungle, like a warm, humid environment. Keep them moist and mist their leaves every so often for a treat. They love light, but they're a bit shy, so indirect light is best.

An African violet gives you beautiful purple blooms (or sometimes pink, white or blue). It's a loveable plant, not just for its beautiful flowers, but also for its soft, furry leaves. If you want it to keep flowering, keep it close to a window, but out of direct sunlight. True to their name, African violets love heat, but not humidity, so water from the bottom to keep the leaves from rotting.

A cyclamen is a deliciously beautiful flowering houseplant, spawning tall blooms in pink, white, purple and a few lesser-known varieties. The flowers are reminiscent of a delicate orchid, but a cyclamen is a much more robust plant. A cyclamen does well in a window out of direct sunlight. The blooms and heart-shaped leaves will reach wantonly toward the light; turn the plant once a week or so to help keep its shape.

Advice from Garden Nursery Experts

If none of these seems to suit your taste, ask the experts at Millcreek Gardens for more suggestions. As the premier plant shop in Salt Lake City, our employees are doyens of gardening indoors. It makes their day when customers at our gardening store ask them for advice.

Tell them who you're getting the plant for, whether they enjoy gardening or if taking care of a houseplant will be a new experience for them. We'll help you find just the right houseplant for your sweetie this Valentine's Day.