Outdoor climbing plants can help create a beautiful garden privacy wall, to help separate your yard or patio from a too-close neighbor’s.

garden privacy wall

Building a privacy wall is a simple weekend project. You don’t need too much in the way of handyman skills or materials to create a vibrant, functional garden wall. A visit to the hardware store - and Millcreek Gardens, of course - is all you’ll need.

Prepare for the Garden Privacy Wall Project

First, decide on the placement and measure out the length for your garden wall.

Next, gather your supplies. A quick stop at your local hardware store should provide you with everything you need. The supplies you need include:

Stack the Blocks with Spaces for Outdoor Plants

Begin your garden wall by placing a row of concrete blocks down the entire length.

Then, simply add more layers of blocks, offsetting the layers so the seams don’t match. This works to add strength and stability.

As you create the privacy wall, jut out some of the blocks to create spaces for your climbing plants.

Once finished, the garden wall should be about three feet high and you should have multiple planting spots.

Create the Frame for Climbing Outdoor Plants

Next, use the metal pipes to build a three-sided frame to support the climbing plants and give them access to sunlight. To make the frame, screw one of the 4-foot pipes to each end of your longer pipe.

Now, take the hog wire panels and lay them out over the frame. Use the wire cutters to cut them to the length you need. Then cut several 6-inch pieces of wire from the leftover panel and use them to attach the hog wire to the pipe frame.

Assemble your garden wall by sliding the metal piping into the cement blocks.

Finish the Garden Privacy Wall by Adding Climbing Outdoor Plants

Once your garden wall is finished, you’re ready for the fun part – a visit to your favorite Utah garden center to choose your climbing plants.

The friendly Millcreek Gardens staff can recommend varieties that are well-suited to your growing conditions. You will have plenty of options to choose from, including jasmine, bougainvillea, hydrangea and climbing roses, all of which do well in Northern Utah.

If you would like even more fresh landscaping ideas, head to Millcreek Gardens. We are Utah’s premiere source of indoor and outdoor plants and gardening supplies. Visit us in Salt Lake City today for help in selecting the right outdoor plants for your garden and landscape needs.