A lattice outdoor plant hanger, mounted on a sunny garden or patio wall, adds a charming touch – and it makes for a great place to grow herbs, succulents or annual flowers.

Creating an eye-catching lattice hanger for outdoor plants is a simple garden project. All you need is a few inexpensive supplies and a couple of hours, and you can transform a blank wall into a work of living art. Here’s how.

How to use lattice for outdoor plants

Gather the Supplies

First, make sure you have the necessary tools for the garden project. You’ll need a measuring tape, a jigsaw, medium-grit sandpaper, a metal file, a hammer and a level. If you don’t have those on hand, pick them up when you visit a local hardware store. You’ll need to go there to purchase the project supplies. These include:

Next, stop by Millcreek Gardens for the remainder of the supplies. You’ll need to purchase the following:

Prepare the Lattice

Lay the garden pots on top of the lattice panel in three rows of three, spacing the rows at least six inches apart to allow room for your outdoor plants to grow. Once you have them how you like, cut the lattice down to size – about four feet by three feet works well, but go with what you like. After you make the cuts, use the sandpaper and file to smooth the surfaces.

Build the Lattice Frame

Measure the top edge of your lattice and, using the wood boards, cut four sections of equal length. Smooth the edges, then sandwich the top and bottom edges between two wood sections. Glue in place, then add nails for additional support. After that, apply stain or paint the wood.

Attach the Garden Pots

Now, lay out the garden pots on the lattice as before. Loop a zip tie around the lattice at each spot, adjusting it to securely hold the pot. Don’t tighten the ties too much, however, as you’ll need to be able to remove the pots in order to add the outdoor plants – which you won’t do until after you mount the lattice hanger on the wall.

Hang the Lattice

Hold up the empty lattice hanger to your garden or patio wall and mark where you’d like it to go. Using the wall screws, attach the frame to the wall. Place the level on the top edge and make any necessary adjustments. Add potting soil and an outdoor plant to each pot, slide them into the zip tie loops and your garden project is complete.

Are you ready to get started? The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens, northern Utah’s favorite garden center since 1955, can point you toward the supplies you need. We can also recommend outdoor plant varieties that are ideal for a lattice hanger.

For more garden project ideas, or to shop our extensive selection of gardening supplies and outdoor plants, visit Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah, today.