Fall is a great time to organize your gardening supplies. After all, you don’t have quite as much to do out in the garden, so you’ll be able to devote your attention to getting the task done. And, if you get organized now, you won’t waste any time hunting down your gear next spring

For practical, easy and inexpensive ideas on how to get all of your gardening supplies in order, read on.

organize gardening supplies

Long-Handled Garden Tools

The best way to organize rakes, hoes and other long-handled tools is to hang them on the wall of your garage or garden shed. Keep them off the ground, and they’ll stay in tip-top shape for longer.

Small Garden Tools

For organizing small tools such as pruners and hand trowels, use magnetic strips – like the kind used for kitchen knives and automotive tools. Or, fill an empty pot with some sand and stick the gardening tools inside, with their handles poking out for easy grabs.

Garden Gloves

Don’t put your garden gloves in a pile somewhere, as they can get moldy if they don’t dry out between uses. Instead, mount clothespins on a section of particleboard, hang it on a bare wall and clip the gloves in place.

Fertilizers and Pesticides

If you have extra fertilizer or pesticide, make sure it’s stored out of reach to kids and pets. Try wire baskets, affixed high on a wall – they’ll keep the gardening supplies organized and easily visible, while also providing safe, out-of-the-way storage.

Garden Seeds

To remain viable, seeds need a dark storage spot with a cool temperature and low humidity, like the refrigerator or an unheated garage. Beyond that, a closed container is a must – try mason jars or small plastic containers.

Garden Pots and Planters

If you have an abundance of garden pots and planters to organize, as many gardeners do, consider adding a free-standing shelving unit to your garage or shed. Look for one with deep shelves that adjust in height, and you’ll be able to accommodate planters and pots – as well as other gardening supplies like watering cans and boots -- in a range of sizes.

Potting Soil

You really shouldn’t have all that much leftover potting soil, so it really doesn’t require a unique organization solution. Simply stash what you have on a spare shelf or alongside the fertilizer in a wall-hanging wire basket.

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