Landscaping Design Mistakes

Good landscape design needn’t be overly complex or expensive, especially in northern Utah. You can achieve a professional-looking design even on a budget, as long as you plan effectively. The heart of any landscape design is the plant materials. Carefully incorporate garden paths and hardscape elements to create zones and focal points throughout the yard. Finally, go easy on the accessories in your design. For a professional look, remember that less is often best.
Proper Plant Placement is Critical
Although elements of hardscape and ornamentation pull your landscape together and add visual interest, plant materials are the heart of the design. Novice home landscapers, when considering a tiny new plant, may not realize the eventual size or scope of the species and consequently, plants can be placed too close to each other or to other landscape elements. Get professional advice, if necessary, about plant size and spacing, and try to incorporate a variety of plant species to ensure that you have something for visual interest all year long. Mix ground cover, shrubbery and trees in such a way that the eye flows throughout your yard, taking in the natural beauty of each one.
Add Paths and Hardscape Elements for Definition
Professional landscape designers establish zones, each with focus and meaning. Each zone is characterized primarily by its plants and grasses, and when appropriate, a focal point such as a fountain, pergola or seating area. Hardscape and garden paths ideally help define zones and facilitate flow between them. A common mistake that many people make is starting with these features, rather than incorporating them only in the logical places. Likewise, fencing elements can be a challenge. If you need to set aside certain parts of the yard for pets or play areas, try to achieve your goals in a holistic way that minimizes visual interruption. This can be achieved by using natural barriers or painting fences to blend more subtly with the surroundings.
Go Easy on Tchotchkes and Lawn Ornaments
You may be devoted to your collection of lawn gnomes or gazing balls, but to achieve a professional look with your landscape design, less is definitely more when it comes to ornamentation. Professional designers suggest that, before purchasing any ornamental item, consider what it adds to your design. The most common error that homeowners make is going overboard with these items. One fun or whimsical piece can personalize your outdoor space. Adding 20 ornaments creates clutter and detracts from your plants. Having too many tchotchkes in the yard also unnecessarily complicates the process of mowing, weeding and edging.
Millcreek Gardens understands the care and expense that goes into your landscaping. Their professional expertise will ensure that your landscape design always shines.