The primary goal of landscaping plants and trees is to beautify your property and create harmony between your home and the surrounding landscape. Well-executed design and healthy outdoor plants can heighten curb appeal and increase your home’s value.

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In addition, the right landscaping plants can improve your home security. Making small, secure changes to your yard and garden is a simple and inexpensive way to increase your peace of mind.

Use Landscaping Plants to Discourages Criminals

Start by taking a look at the shrubs, bushes and plants around the perimeter of your home. Do any of them obscure windows or doors?

Keeping your doors and windows highly visible from the street and neighboring properties will discourage burglars. Plants that block your doors or windows provide handy hiding spots, allowing intruders to access your home without being seen by neighbors.

From a practical perspective, the roots of landscaping plants growing too near your home can also cause damage to the foundation and encourage water ponding.

Trim back any shrubs, trees or bushes near your entryways or consider replacing them with shorter varieties. Keeping plants at least three feet out from the foundation will help eliminate hiding spots and minimize potential structural damage to your home.

Add Security with “Unfriendly” Landscaping Plants

Combine form and function by adding what landscape designers call security plants under windows, along the inside of your perimeter fencing and anywhere someone might hide in your yard.

Security plants include spiny shrubs and thorn-bearing bushes that discourage potential criminals from climbing around in them. Rose bushes are colorful and decorative while providing a thorny reception for would-be burglars. Several varieties of roses, in a wide range of glorious colors, are known for their prominent thorns.

Thorny shrubs like buckthorn, winter barberry and flowering quince are also great choices for our northern Utah climate.

If you prefer a xeriscape approach to your landscaping, incorporate cactus and succulents into your design. Many of these environmentally friendly outdoor plants have spines or spikes that will also discourage intruders.

Incorporate Lighting into Your Landscape Design

Although most home burglaries occur during the day, intruders may be attracted to properties that are completely dark at night. You can upgrade your exterior design with decorative lighting that will enhance your yard and boost home security. Position decorative lighting to accent your favorite landscaping plants and illuminate sidewalks, garden paths and entryways.

You may also elect to install bright, motion-sensitive lights near your home’s doors, porches and patios. Intruders will be deterred from breaking into a home when their presence is swiftly revealed by a bright floodlight.

As you prepare for the spring growing season, consider incorporating some security-conscious elements into your landscape design. For all of your indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs and shade trees, visit Millcreek Gardens, Salt Lake City’s locally owned garden center. Our friendly and professional staff can offer plenty of easy and inexpensive tips to help you select the perfect landscaping plants and flowers.