A potting bench is the perfect organizer for gardening supplies but, for most Utah gardening enthusiasts, it’s much more than that.
You’ll see them called potting or potter’s benches, potting tables or gardening benches. Whatever you prefer to call the, they’re the gardener’s version of the handyman’s workbench.
And, if you’re a gardener yourself, you know that it’s a highly personal, hands-off space.
How to Make a Potter’s Bench Work for Your Needs
Most gardeners use their workbench as a way to organize their gardening supplies and keep them close at hand. But it’s also the perfect spot for working with your indoor and outdoor plants.
With a rubber or galvanized tub under a slatted or open mesh top surface, dirt and clippings simply fall below, for easy clean up. Depending on whether you prefer drawers, hooks, shelves, pegboard or a combination, you can have every tool and accessory right at your fingertips.
Imagining the Perfect Potting Bench or Table
If you don’t already have your own potter’s bench, it’s high time to get started.
Some Utah gardeners prefer to purchase their benches already assembled. Others prefer the Ikea-style approach of buying an assemble-it-yourself kit. If you’re more of a DIY person, you have a few other choices.
Depending on the style you prefer, you can find all kinds of free gardening bench plans online. Or, if you prefer the repurposing approach, you can create your own potting bench from found items, like this one from Montana Wildlife Gardener.

Montana Wildlife Gardeners Potting Bench

Image Courtesy of Montana Wildlife Gardeners

Whatever design you prefer, make sure the work surface is the right height for your comfort. Also, be sure to locate your potting table in a spot that offers level footing without obstacles. Finally, find a spot that’s shielded from the sun, for your comfort as well as that of your plants.
You’ll be spending some time there, so make sure it’s comfortable for you!
The Must-Have Gardening Supplies for Your First Potting Bench
If you’re just starting out as a gardener, you’ll need to assemble a few supplies.
The basics include a good pair of gloves, a garden trowel, a garden fork or claw and a good pair of heavy-duty shears. You will also need a good pair of bypass pruners and rubbing alcohol to clean them with, to avoid cross-contamination between plants.
Personalize your collection of gardening supplies with a bright watering can and creative plant markers.
Over time, you can build your collection and decorate your workbench with creative touches that fit your style.
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