If you’re sad that your garden has lost a lot of its summer color — cheer up, there’s something you can do about it! At Millcreek Gardens, we have lots of beautiful blooming annuals and perennials you can rely on to add a pop of color to your Salt Lake City garden. Come down and see!

It’s great if you plan ahead and plant perennial fall flowers in the spring, but it’s not always possible. Maybe you just moved into your home this summer, or maybe you simply didn’t have time in the spring. No need to fret! Millcreek Gardens carries both perennial and annual fall flowers, so you can still enjoy a colorful fall garden.

outdoor plants for fall

Asters & Mums

Sometimes it’s hard for the untrained eye to tell these two plants apart. Indeed, chrysanthemums are part of the aster family, so some varieties look similar.

The variety of mums that are arguably the most identifiable are the ones with big, poofy, pom-pom-like blooms. Others have spidery petals and for all the world look like a sea anemone. Mums come in a rainbow of colors, but yellow, gold, rust and maroon are most popular.

When you come to Millcreek Gardens to select your mums, talk to a helpful salesperson to be sure you’re buying the right kind for your purposes. Remember, you can always set out some nice pots of mums on the front steps or porch in pots, then bring them in when it gets too cold.

Although certain varieties of asters can be floofy like a mum, asters are better known for their daisy-like appearance. However, while each type of flower shares a gold center surrounded by long narrow petals, daisy petals are rounded at the ends and more of an elliptical shape, while aster petals are longer, thinner and more numerous.

While you can find a rogue-colored aster from time to time, the most common colors are blue, purple, pink and white. If you get them early enough in the season, they might attract a few butterflies before these delicate creatures head south for the winter.


Pansies are another fall favorite — you can even plant them now with the expectation they will live through the winter. Despite the fact they are hardy and enjoy cool weather, pansies are also sun-worshippers, so to encourage blooms, plant them in full sun or partial shade.

Pansies come in almost every color imaginable, but the most common are yellow, purple and white. Their fat, velvety petals and comically petulant faces are a lovely welcome home after a long day at work.

Flowering Kale

Flowering kale, commonly seen in shades of green, white and purple, is easy to grow and keep, though its change in appearance come spring usually prompts gardeners to pull it out in favor of a new plant. You can brush the snow off these tough stalwarts and enjoy them all winter long (unless temps get close to zero).

Garden Plant Mecca in Salt Lake City

Now that you know what will grow at your Salt Lake City home this fall, what are you waiting for? Come down to Millcreek Gardens today and stock up on hardy outdoor plants for fall and winter.