Sustainable Gardening

Permaculture, a common term for the principles of sustainable gardening has been practiced for centuries throughout the world. Lately, however, this term has become a buzzword in the gardening community.
If you’re new to these concepts, you may find a host of great ideas that you can incorporate into your gardening practices. Read on to learn about permaculture and the benefits of sustainable gardening!
Defining the Terms
No doubt you’ve heard the term organic, but what does it mean?
The term organic essentially describes the principles of growing plants and food without using chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers not made from organic materials. These chemicals, when used incorrectly, can harm the environment.
Organic gardening uses a diversity of plants, compost and insects that are good for the garden to keep the soil, and thus the plants, healthy.
Sustainability describes those techniques that work together with the environment. These techniques help to minimize any negative effects on the environment, while simultaneously improving the health and output of your plants.
Permaculture combines principles of agriculture with cultural practices. More than just a way to grow things in your garden, permaculture is a lifestyle of sorts.
Creating an energy-efficient home, recycling, growing your own food, raising your own animals, catching rainwater, building community gardens and even restoring landscapes and ecosystems that have been impacted by pollution are all examples of sustainable practices and permaculture.
Is Permaculture Right for You?
You don’t have to go overboard and toss out everything you’ve done in the past, in order to incorporate more sustainable gardening techniques. In fact, it’s a good idea to start slowly. Here are a few ideas you may want to try.

Don’t be intimidated by permaculture. It’s good for us and for the Earth, but it’s especially beneficial for your garden. You can do a little or a lot, but doing anything at all is a move in the right direction!
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