Pet-friendly gardens can help keep your dog safe and happy in the great outdoors. But your pooch doesn’t have to be the only one who’s delighted with your yard and landscaping.

pet friendly garden

With careful planning, you can design a garden and landscape that both you and your four-legged friends will enjoy. Below are tips on how to create a beautiful, pet-friendly garden.

Pet-Friendly Garden Boundaries Keep Your Pets Safe

Safety comes first in pet-safe garden and landscape design. To keep your furry friends secure, you need to set some boundaries.

Perimeter fencing can enclose your yard while giving your dog plenty of space to roam. Or, you could opt to fence in a smaller area as a dog run. In either case, Fido will be safe and sound whenever he’s outside.

The third option for establishing pet-safe garden boundaries within the yard is to fence off your planting beds. This will keep Fido from digging up your vegetables or eating something that may be harmful.

Many types of garden-friendly fencing are available, so you can choose one that complements the style of your home and your landscaping. Wood or vinyl privacy fencing is a frequent choice of homeowners in Utah, but you could also choose chain link or decorative iron fencing.

Landscaping Features for a Pet-Friendly Yard and Garden

A large, open area of grass can give your pet room to run and play. But, dogs need shade and shelter, too.

Planting a few large landscaping trees can provide shade from the hot summer sun. If that isn’t possible, you may consider adding a dog house or shade structure to provide shelter. An overhead canopy or garden shade cloth stretched over a dedicated area provides a simple and cost-effective solution.

The look of your landscaping may suffer if your dog wears away a track through the lawn. Instead of trying to grow grass in your pet’s favorite path, turn it into attractive, pet-friendly landscaping feature with soft mulch, stepping stones or pavers.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Garden Plants

Some landscaping plants are highly toxic to animals. Before adding any outdoor plants to your yard or garden, check the plants toxic to pets. This way, you can make sure they won’t cause health issues if Fido decides to have a snack.

Garden mulch can be a great choice, as it is soft on the paws and doesn’t get too hot when the sun is beaming down. Be careful to avoid cocoa- or coffee-based mulch, however, as both can cause a toxic reaction in dogs.

For your other landscaping surfaces, select materials that are comfortable for your dog to walk on. Concrete, smooth rocks, and brick stay cool and give furry friends a comfy surface stretch out on during warmer weather. They also offer the benefit of helping keep your pup’s nails in check.

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