The internet is a great source for gardening tips of all kinds, but it isn’t always convenient to access on your computer. 

Many websites – including Millcreek Gardensprovide a dependable and helpful source of gardening tips and advice. But if you’d like the convenience of having the information right at your fingertips, consider one of the latest smartphone apps. 


Both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store have apps that can be useful for novice and experienced gardeners. Here are some of the latest and greatest options. 

Gardening Tips Apps for Choosing the Perfect Plants and Flowers 

Do you enjoy looking at images of fabulous gardens for inspirational ideas? 

Several apps offer gorgeous photos and videos -- along with handy gardening tips -- to help you achieve a similar look. And, if you come across a real-life tree, shrub or plant you love but can’t identify, apps like Leafsnap can help you make an identification. 

But, while you may love how certain flowers look, they may not grow well here in northern Utah. And, some varieties do not make good neighbors. An app like Perennial Match can help you choose plants that work with our sunlight and growing zone, to make sure that your selections can thrive side by side. 

Smartphone Apps with Planting and Maintenance Gardening Tips 

When is the ideal time to plant your Utah garden? Try an app like Garden Plan Pro or When to Plant, which use weather station data to give you personalized information and gardening tips for the varieties you intend to plant. 

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how, exactly, does your garden grow? 

Do you have a set schedule for watering and fertilizing, or do you wing it and care for your plants when you get a chance? For many busy gardeners, a smartphone gardening journal app that tracks planting, watering and fertilization can be a valuable organizational tool that helps maintain garden health. 

Or perhaps you’re having an issue with your garden? Whether you have white spots on your leaves or mildew on your veggies, an app may be able to give you a diagnosis and recommended treatment. 

Apps with Gardening Tips to Plan Your Garden Design 

Would you like to see how your home would look with a professional garden design? 

Apps like Pro Landscape Home and iScape let you use photos of your home to create a digital model of your dream garden. You can easily add and move plants, shrubs, shade trees and design elements like paving and decking, to come up with an eye-catching design. 

Really, though, there’s no substitute for personalized professional help and advice. The friendly, experienced staff at Millcreek Gardens can help you choose plant varieties that will flourish in your Utah garden. And, we have the experience to offer specific solutions for any design dilemma or plant problem. 

Are you ready to start planning your perfect garden landscape? Visit the Millcreek Gardens website or stop by our Salt Lake City garden center today. We look forward to helping you with even more expert gardening tips.