Local Garden Center

Your local garden center is one of the best resources for the home gardener. The experts at your local nursery can provide information and assistance specific to northern Utah, as well as about those plants and products that are best suited for your soil. Buying local also keep jobs in your community and supports small, locally owned and operated businesses.
High-Quality and Specialty Products
Most of the so-called big box or chain stores have garden sections that are active during the growing season. The prices are low because they can take advantage of economies of scale. That’s hard to argue with when you are gardening on a budget. However, the plants in big box stores are not always in the best condition and likely not grown in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. Workers don’t have the commitment or the expertise to keep them in the healthiest shape. You may end up buying starts that won’t thrive once you plant them. The employees in these gardening departments are usually hired only for the season. They seldom have much skill or knowledge about plants or how to grow them successfully. At your local garden center, however, you’ll find the people and products are different.
Passionate about Plants
The people who own your local nursery started the business because they love plants, pure and simple. They chose to make their career doing what they love, working with flowers, vegetables, trees and all the supplies you need to make them grow. Many have education and training that led them to this career. They have a passion for digging in the dirt, starting plants and using best practices to enhance their growth. They hire employees from the community who are equally passionate about plants.
The employees at your local garden center work there year-round, learning more with each season. This is what they do for a living. Plant by plant, they learn how to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees and keep them healthy. They have constant access to the owners and experienced gardeners. If they don’t know the answer to one of your questions, they know whom to ask for the answer. When you work with plants day after day, year after year, you learn from hands-on experience what works and what doesn’t. The experts learn by trial and error which products work in the local climate.
Knowledge of Local Zones and Planting Conditions
Each area of the country has its own growing zone, and growing conditions can vary dramatically from locale to locale, based on climate, elevation and rainfall. Reading a book or looking up information online can help, but nothing replaces the experience and know-how of a local gardener. Local nurseries can give you precise information about soil conditions, what type of plants to grow in shady and sunny spots and what type of pests may be a threat. Gardeners were the original conservationists. Your local nursery stocks products that are good for your plants and friendly to the environment. As a member of the community, they have a commitment to the long-term health of the land in their area.
When you patronize your neighborhood garden center, you can shop with the confidence and knowledge that your dollars remain in the local economy. In the Salt Lake City area, buy your plants and gardening supplies, and get your questions answered, at Millcreek Gardens, your locally owned and operated Utah garden center.