Want your garden bed edges to have that sculpted look featured in gardening magazines? Edging is easier than you might think. With just a few short hours of work, you can create crisp, well-groomed garden edges that transform your landscape into an envy-worthy masterpiece. Here’s how:

Garden Bed Edges

Step 1: Mark the Garden Edges

First, you need to mark the exact location for your flower bed edges. Consider how you want the garden to look when you’re finished, and make sure to leave enough space for mulch and a border. To mark your edges, grab some string or a can of spray paint and create a line. Be careful with your placement, as you’ll follow this line when you do the actual edging.

Step 2: Choose a Gardening Tool

Several tools can be used to make precise garden edges. Your local garden center sells special edging tools with heads that are half-moon shaped to cut easily through the turf. An electric edger, or an edger attachment for a rototiller or cultivator, could also work. Or, if you’re not in the market for new gardening tools, you can simply use your straight-edged shovel.

Step 3: Create the Garden Bed Edges

Take your gardening tool of choice and face your garden bed. Push downwards into the turf, following your marked edge line. At this point, your job is to outline the entire bed. As you go along, make any necessary changes to the contours and shape of the edging. Work neatly, aiming for a smooth, sharp line.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Turf

Now, face away from the garden bed. Using your gardening tool, slice into the turf at an angle. Make sure your cuts reach the level of the edge line you already created – doing so severs the turf so that it can be removed. Once you’re done, gently pull back the grass clods, taking care not to disturb your carefully-placed edge line.

Step 5: Finish the Garden Bed Edges

After removing the extra turf, you should be left with a V-shaped trench that has a precise, clean edge. To keep it looking perfect, you’ll need to add a border. For a subtle, nearly-invisible garden separation, sink strips of steel, aluminum or plastic along the edges. Or, if you prefer decorative edging, install brick or stone garden edgers. When your border is in place, finish the job by adding mulch.

You can find all of the gardening tools and supplies you need for edging at Millcreek Gardens, northern Utah’s favorite plant nursery. Come visit us in Salt Lake City today, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you get on the path to perfect garden bed edges.