Top Secret Gardening Hacks

Gardening hacks are the secret tips and tricks that make gardening tasks easier, faster or more cost-effective. Master gardeners often take years to figure out the best-kept secrets and clever tricks you’re about to learn. Hopefully these tips will help you have more fun and be productive in the garden this year.
Stop Off in the Kitchen First
Your kitchen holds a world of effective garden hacks. Use equal parts water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar to remove water stains and salt deposits on clay pots. A little beer set out in a shallow saucer will trap and kill slugs. Add a teaspoon of baking soda when watering tomatoes to improve their sweetness. Cooking spray on your weed whacker line will keep it from tangling. The next time you boil vegetables for a meal, save the water and use it in the garden.
Use Extra Play Sand to Store Garden Tools Safely
Fill a container of your choosing with play sand (or construction sand, if its clean). “Plant” your garden tools in the pot, point-down, with the handles sticking straight up. This will prevent them from clanging together in a drawer or caddy, which can dull points and edges. The action of sticking your garden tools into the sand also will clean them and help retard the rust. Select a container that will accommodate all your tools, and you may free up valuable storage space in the tool chest.
Change Your Garden Plants with the Seasons
If garden space is tight, you may be forced to choose between seasonal plants, leaving you with bare patches for half the year. The pot-in-a-pot method is the perfect hack to keep your garden growing and blooming all year long. Sink empty pots into the soil to act as plant holders, then slide your plants (each in its own pot) into the sleeves. Not only does this let you quickly and easily swap out plants, it also protects roots from nematodes and other predators.
Win the Aphid War with Packing Tape
Create a loop of packing tape around your hand, sticky side out. Gently pat the aphid-plagued plants with your sticky glove (don’t forget the undersides) for an environmentally friendly approach to pest control.
Easy and Creative Plant Markers
You may already know about painting small, smooth stones to serve as garden markers. You can also use clear or white plastic forks. Use a fine-tipped permanent marker to write the name of your herb or plant, then push them into the soil accordingly.
The friendly and knowledgeable team at Millcreek Gardens knows how much you enjoy your garden. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, drop in today for the best selection of plants and accessories in the area. And if you ask, you may even pick up a few new professional garden hacks while you’re there.