In Utah, you can plant landscaping trees in the fall as well as in the spring.

Gardening enthusiasts look forward to the first warm days of spring, when the soil is ready for new plantings. But, contrary to popular belief, fall is the best season for planting many types of shrubs and landscaping plants. Autumn weather is a friend to new trees and, if you plant now, you’ll be rewarded with robust growth next spring.

Utah Landscaping Trees You Can Plant in the Fall

Why Is Fall Perfect for Planting Landscaping Trees?

All summer long, trees have to work hard to survive the heat and maintain a healthy level of moisture. With the sun high in the sky, plants need more water to avoid drying out. Plants also experience moisture loss through transpiration, which means that trees lose water vapor through their leaves.

Now that fall has arrived in Northern Utah, the cooler temperatures that grace our region provide the ideal opportunity to plant landscaping trees. The soil still has some of its summertime warmth, but the air temperatures are cooler than the soil -- which gives the root systems of new plantings the perfect environment for growing strong.

Which Landscaping Trees are Right for Fall Planting?

Not every tree variety is suitable for fall planting in every area of Utah. Before you head off to your local garden center to buy a landscaping tree or two, consider your regional plant hardiness rating.

The northern Utah hardiness zones range from 4a to 7b, and the right trees for fall planting may differ depending on exactly where you live. Check the tag on any tree you’re considering, or ask the garden center staff for recommendations.

Whichever tree varieties you decide to plant, be sure to choose burlap-wrapped or container-grown trees. Bare-root plants should be planted while they’re dormant, in the early spring months.

How Late in the Fall Can You Plant Landscaping Trees?

How late into the fall you can plant trees also depends on where exactly you live. Generally, however, fall planting should take place about six weeks before the first frost, which varies according to your location.

In the northernmost regions of the state and in areas of higher elevation, the early fall months are best. However, in many parts of northern Utah, November or early December is the cutoff time for planting landscaping trees.

Would you like to learn more about planting trees, or would you like some expert advice on choosing the right trees for fall planting? The friendly staff at Millcreek Gardens is happy to share their gardening expertise.

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