The best location for a greenhouse is one that helps improve your growing success. That’s why gardening experts recommend taking time to plan out the optimal placement.

Best Location for a Greenhouse

Of course, your options for placing a greenhouse may be limited. Even so, you can take steps to give the structure the best possible location. Here’s how to figure out the right place to position a greenhouse.

Aim for Maximum Sunlight

Greenhouses need as much light as possible – shade is not a friend to greenhouse plants.

Try to place your greenhouse away from potential sources of shade, including tall buildings. Keep in mind that buildings that are far away might cast shade during the winter when the sun is lower in the sky. Place the structure away from trees, too – apart from shading, trees can also drop leaves and sticky debris that gunks up or blocks the window walls.

Consider Wind Direction and Force

Reducing the amount of wind that hits a greenhouse can help maintain the interior temperature and decrease the risk of storm damage.

Situate your greenhouse in a spot where it won’t be subjected to severe winds. If you need a windbreak, plant a hedge or install slat-style fencing about 15 feet away from the sides of the structure. Stay away from dense plants and solid fences, as windbreaks that block all air from passing through can actually increase the speed and force of the wind as it is forced over the top – and this acts to cool the area around the greenhouse.

Don’t Forget Your Greenhouse Needs

Not all greenhouses use electricity or fuel for heating, but water is always needed.

When thinking about the best location for your greenhouse, make sure to consider your water source. Whether you intend to have pipes installed underground or plan on using a hose, now’s the time to figure out exactly how that will work. And, of course, if you will be using electricity, you’ll need to decide ahead of time so that you don’t run into problems during the structure’s installation.

Choose a Site That’s Convenient

You’ll be visiting your greenhouse regularly, and you don’t want the trip to be a headache.

Position your greenhouse near your home so that you don’t waste time – and strain your back – carrying supplies and back and forth. And, to make your gardening tasks easier, you may want to add a short concrete sidewalk or path.

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