Plant the right shrubs, and your northern Utah property will be the envy of your neighbors.

In August, everyone is outside enjoying the warm air and sunshine, and a bright, colorful landscape is the perfect setting. To boost the beauty of your landscaping with shrubs that look great during the dog days of summer, consider planting one or more of these varieties.

Utah shrubs that thrive in the summer

No. 1: Bar Harbor Hydrangea

A stunning shrub with an abundance of huge white blooms, the Bar Harbor hydrangea looks superb all summer long. As one of the more compact hydrangea varieties, it’s ideal for use in containers and as a landscape border. For optimal growth, plant this shrub in partial to full sun and maintain even soil moisture.

No. 2: Bluebeard Bush

With fragrant, rich green leaves that feature silvery undersides and a riot of bold, deep blue flowers that bloom from summer through fall, the bluebeard bush is a standout choice for northern Utah properties. When planted in full sun, this water-wise plant thrives.

No. 3: Butterfly Bush

Featuring conical clusters of fragrant, bright white blooms, the butterfly bush is a compact shrub that makes for a delightful flowering border or garden accent. Plant in partial to full sun and water regularly, and the nectar-rich flowers will draw butterflies to your landscape.

No. 4: Dwarf Crepe Myrtle

With beautiful bronze leaves that mature to a deep, dark green and turn a striking red-purple color in the fall – as well as masses of radiant red flowers – the dwarf crepe myrtle is quite dazzling. It requires full sun to flourish, but this compact shrub is both drought-tolerant and disease-resistant.

No. 5: Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

A densely branched, flat-topped evergreen shrub that features bright blue needles, the dwarf globe blue spruce offers year-round appeal. Great as a garden accent or a low hedge bordering an emerald lawn, this shrub needs partial to full sun and regular watering to be at its best.

No. 6: Red Shrub Rose

An easy-care, disease-resistant rose bush that can survive dry, hot summers, the red shrub rose is perfectly suited for northern Utah container gardens and landscape borders. With full sun and regular watering, you’ll see masses of glorious, double-flowered roses

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