Your favorite local garden center, Millcreek Gardens, has a wide selection of beautiful hanging baskets that can bring color and life to your northern Utah landscape. But, you can also create your own, featuring your favorite flowers and outdoor plants.

Hanging baskets can be a little tricky, but our friendly staff is always happy to offer advice. Follow the tips below, and you’ll have lush, eye-catching containers hanging in your garden all season long.

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Choose the Right Planter

Want hanging baskets with cascading flowers? Purchase regular hanging pots at your local garden center. Rather have awe-inspiring living flower globes? You’ll need wire planters with fiber liners or containers made specifically for this particular purpose.

Select Suitable Plants

When designing hanging flower baskets, you need to think about placement. Certain plants thrive only in full sun, while others can grow beautifully in shadier spots. As you choose your plants, consider different textures, heights and bloom shapes for added visual interest. And don’t forget color – bold shades will draw the eye.

Use High-Quality Soil

For healthy, gorgeous hanging flower baskets, a high-quality potting mix is absolutely essential. Look for a lightweight soil, preferably one with water-holding polymer crystals. Or, simply ask the staff at your local garden center what potting soil they recommend.

Pack in the Plants

If you want full, lush-looking flower baskets, a few plants won’t suffice. You’ll need to pack quite a lot of plants into the container – more than you would probably think. They have a relatively short amount of time to grow, after all, so starting with more plants is the best way to get great results.

Feed and Water Properly

Water quickly drains from hanging baskets, and with several flowers and plants in the same container, the many roots end up competing for a drink. Watering regularly, keeping the soil moist, should help keep your baskets looking their best. In addition, consider using a liquid fertilizer, available at your local garden center, about once every week.

Remember Regular Maintenance

Every few days or so, inspect your hanging baskets and remove any fading or dead flowers and any brown, wilted leaves. If any parts of the plants look damaged, cut them back. Regular deadheading and pruning encourages new growth and better blooming.

Have questions? Or are you ready to create your own hanging baskets? Either way, make Millcreek Gardens your first stop. Our garden center is stocked with fabulous flowers, picturesque plants and everything else you need. And our friendly staff is always ready to offer assistance and advice to our fellow northern Utah gardeners.

To chat with the Millcreek Gardens staff about designing your own hanging baskets – and to shop for all your must-have flowers, plants and gardening supplies – head to our Salt Lake City garden center today.