Blooming indoor plants can bring vibrant color, fragrance and beauty to your Utah home – and in the winter, when everything outside is looking a little drab and dreary, flowering houseplants are a definitely welcome sight.

If you’d love to walk into a house filled with gorgeous flowers, stop by your local garden center and pick up some new blooming indoor plants. Any of the following varieties can help perk up your Utah home.

Blooming Indoor Plants

African Violet

With beautiful purple, white, pink, blue or bi-colored blooms that appear year-round, the African violet is a great choice for in-home color. And, it’s one of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow, blooming with a minimum of care.


Eye-catching tropical houseplants, bromeliads have tall, spiky blooms that shoot out from rosettes of narrow, glossy leaves. The flowers come in a wide range of vibrant colors, including bright yellow, pink-purple and deep rusty red.


A relative of the poinsettia, the crown-of-thorns is a cheery flowering houseplant with colorful blooms that last for weeks. This beauty is easy to care for, so it’s great for novice gardeners – but keep it away from children and pets, as the sap is poisonous.

Flowering Maple

With delicate pink, orange, yellow or red blooms that dangle among its speckled green leaves, the flowering maple makes for a fascinating addition to any Utah home. This fast-growing indoor plant is almost never without blossoms.


Hibiscus brings a touch of the tropics to your Utah home. Featuring huge, bold blooms in a dazzling array of colors – some of the largest blossoms of any flowering houseplant – the hibiscus can enliven any indoor space.


The delightfully-scented white or pink blooms of a jasmine plant are a treat to the senses. With this flowering houseplant, you can count on fragrant, beautiful blossoms popping up all year long.


If you want a flowering houseplant that provides a dramatic show of color, you can’t go wrong with oxalis. This indoor plant features dainty pink or white blooms amid purple shamrock-shaped leaves that fold up at night and open in the morning.


With bright pink, purple, red or white blossoms, streptocarpus is a gorgeous indoor plant that blooms almost continuously. Like its cousin, the African violet, this flowering houseplant requires very little care.

For a wide selection of gorgeous blooming indoor plants, visit Millcreek Gardens in northern Utah. Our garden center is stocked with healthy flowering houseplants with vibrant-colored blooms, along with all the gardening supplies you need to help them flourish back at home.

And, if you have questions, our friendly garden center staff members are more than happy to offer expert answers and advice. If you’re ready to invigorate your Utah home with new beautiful blooming indoor plants, visit Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City today.