In December, gardening tasks might not be at the top of your to-do list for the month. But garden center experts recommend taking a break from the holiday madness to care for your indoor and outdoor plants. They may need a little TLC – and you could probably benefit from the stress-relieving effects of gardening right about now.

So, what December gardening tasks should you add to your already-busy schedule? Our month-by-month garden center calendar explains what you should aim to accomplish before the new year.

december gardening

Keep Your Houseplants Happy

Paying attention to your indoor plants is a key part of December gardening, as houseplants can succumb to winter weather if they don’t receive proper care. Use tepid water to give them a drink and move them away from drafts and windows on chilly nights. Also, if you purchase any new houseplants, safeguard them from cold exposure on the way home.

Protect Your Poinsettias

Did you receive a holiday poinsettia plant this year? To stay healthy, poinsettias need direct sun for several hours each day and a nighttime temperature of between 50 and 60 degrees. In addition, keep poinsettias away from drafts and radiators and only let the soil dry slightly between waterings.

Mind Your Mulch

To survive the freezing cold temperatures of winter, outdoor plants, shrubs and landscaping trees need mulch. If you haven’t done so already, put mulching on your December gardening to-do list. Look for an organic mulch at your local garden center and apply a three- to four-inch layer.

Consider Winter Watering

If the ground isn’t frozen and it really hasn’t rained or snowed much, your evergreen trees and shrubs may not have the hydration they need to make it through the winter. Watering now could be an important December gardening task, ensuring that your landscape looks its best when springtime rolls around.

Fill Your Bird Feeders

When winter weather is at its worst, your feathered friends may have trouble finding food. Make sure to keep your bird feeders full of nutritious seed and suet – available at your local garden center – and you’ll not only provide an easy food source, but you’ll also attract more birds to your property.

Would you like more tips and information on early winter gardening? For expert advice on keeping your indoor and outdoor plants healthy all year long, turn to Millcreek Gardens. Our friendly garden center staff loves to discuss plant care with other northern Utah gardeners!

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