Visiting your local plant nursery to choose a Christmas tree is a fun holiday tradition and, for many families, this annual trek creates lifelong memories.

However, finding a good-looking, healthy specimen that suits your needs and lasts through the entire holiday season isn’t always easy. Before you start your search, check our Christmas tree buying guide.

choosing christmas tree

Think About the Type of Christmas Tree You Want

Christmas trees come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. For an easier time navigating the selection at your local plant nursery, decide ahead of time which types you prefer.

Some of the more popular varieties include:

To decide which variety to purchase this holiday season, think about the needs of your household. If you have children, for example, softer needles may be crucial. Or, depending upon the type of Christmas decorations you plan to use, you may want a variety with strong branches.

Measure the Available Space for Your Christmas Tree

Before you grab your family for the annual holiday tree hunt at the local plant nursery, you need to consider the space you have available. After all, you don’t want to come home with one that’s way too tall or broad.

Measure ceiling height of the room where you plan to display the tree, then measure the available floor space to determine the maximum tree width the room can accommodate. Bring these measurements with you to the plant nursery, and make sure any tree you consider meets the guidelines.

How to Choose a Fresh, Healthy Christmas Tree

Plant nurseries typically take great care to provide the freshest, healthiest specimens. However, to make sure you choose a Christmas tree that will last through the holiday season, check the following:

For a large selection of fresh, healthy Christmas trees in northern Utah, visit Millcreek Gardens. Every holiday season, we fill our plant nursery with high-quality trees of various species – and each one is fresh, healthy and beautiful.

When you’re ready to go tree shopping, the Millcreek Gardens staff can offer expert advice and suggestions to help your family make a choice. To find your perfect Christmas tree, head to our Salt Lake City plant nursery today.