The early elements of spring are upon us, and for gardeners around Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah, that means several things. Spring is a vital season for gardeners and landscapers everywhere, important for activating many areas of the garden and stimulating healthy growth as plants begin a new cycle following the cold winter.

At Millcreek Gardens, we’re here to help in a variety of ways. From our numerous plant supplies like garden fertilizers to garden plants themselves, garden products for disease control and several areas of expertise, we’ve assisted a range of different homeowners as they prep their gardens during the early spring period. Here are a few specific tips we can offer on preparing your garden during the early spring.

early spring gardening methods

Irrigation and Sprinklers

One area you should take a good look at during early spring is your irrigation system, whether you utilize traditional sprinklers or another form of irrigation. Ensure there are no leaks or other damage issues present, plus confirm your timers are still working properly.

If you’ve had issues with irrigation in the past, this could also be a great opportunity to upgrade your system. Drip irrigation is an excellent method, slowly applying water to root zones and avoiding runoff.

Weeds and Pre-Emergent

Early spring is also an ideal time for getting a head start on weed prevention in your garden. This involves first pulling existing weeds, then applying a pre-emergent that will control things like crabgrass, purslane, spurge and many other weed species. Speak to our pros about which pre-emergent is best for your garden.

Dividing Bulbs

Generally speaking, most gardening pros agree that overgrown or clumped-together flowers and bulbs should be reviewed and divided every three to five years. If you haven’t done this for a few seasons, early spring is a great time of year – if you do end up removing certain bulb types, spring offers several new available plants to fill this space.


Spring is great for several areas of fertilization, and one we specifically recommend during early spring: Fertilizing roses, annuals and berries as soon as growth begins. This stimulates new growth and promotes proper flowering.

Other Tips

Some other general tips to consider:

For more on early spring gardening tasks to consider, or to learn about any of our gardening supplies or services, speak to the staff at Millcreek Gardens today.