A locally owned plant nursery or garden center is the best place to shop for new indoor and outdoor plants. Compared to big box stores, nurseries have far more varieties available – plus, thanks to the dedicated attention of the garden-loving staff, nursery plants are much healthier.

Whether you’re starting a new garden or upgrading the look of your landscape, visiting a local plant nursery simply makes sense. Here, we share our best tips for shopping at the garden center.

Best Utah plant nursery

Shop on a Weekday

It’s safe to say that just about every plant nursery is swamped with customers on the weekends. If at all possible, plan your garden center visit during the week. By avoiding the weekend rush, you’ll have an easier time getting your gardening shopping done – plus, the experience will be less stressful.

Take Your Time

When you’re planning your plant nursery shopping trip, make sure you carve out a decent amount of time. Garden centers often have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants spread across a vast area, and if you’re in a rush, you may not even get the chance to see all of them.

Look for Buds – Not Blooms

Plants in full bloom are undeniably attractive, but they’re more likely to suffer transplant shock – which means they may not be looking lovely for long. Instead the brightest blooms, go for those with more buds. They’ll bloom after replanting, boosting the color and beauty of your garden and landscape.

Check the Roots

Gently slide each plant you’re considering purchasing out of its pot to make sure the roots aren’t in a dense, thick mass. If they are, you’re looking at a root-bound plant – and because the issue can hinder future growth, you may want to make a different selection. That said, with a little TLC before and after planting, root-bound specimens can become healthy and strong.

Ask for Advice

The staff at your local garden center has extensive knowledge and expertise in caring for indoor and outdoor plants. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – gardeners enjoy helping fellow gardeners, and the plant nursery staff can tell you much more than what you’ll learn from the care labels on the pots.

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At Millcreek Gardens, we’re passionate about gardening, and our staff is always happy to offer tips and advice to northern Utah gardeners. Stop by our plant nursery today!