What can you plant in a fall garden? If you ask us, the possibilities are almost endless.

The autumn months are great for planting. The air is cooler, which is easier on young plants – and on the gardeners putting them in the ground. In addition, the soil is still warm, so plant roots have time to become well-established before winter arrives. Keep in mind, though, that the window for planting a fall garden closes about six weeks before the hard frost hits.

fall garden ideas


Autumn planting comes with another advantage – fall is bargain time at the garden center, and you can find great deals. When you head out to shop, look for the following five types of plants well-suited for a fall garden.

Perennial Flowers

Many varieties of perennials can be planted in the autumn – in particular, plants with large root balls, like hostas, are great choices for a fall garden. Peonies and pansies can also be put in the ground now. If you plant perennial flowers in the fall, however, make sure they get at least one inch of water every week until the ground freezes.

Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming flower bulbs in the fall, and you’ll have a beautiful display once the weather warms up next year. If your yard has a lot of critter activity, or you’re worried about deer, choose bulbs that aren’t usually on their menu, such as daffodils, alliums, snowdrops and grape hyacinths.


If your lawn isn’t looking so green and lush, consider planting new turfgrass. Autumn is the best time to establish bluegrass, fescue and other cool-season grasses. On the other hand, if you just have a bit of thinning around the yard, overseeding – or spreading grass seed over the existing lawn – could give you the thick, healthy growth you’re looking for.

Landscaping Trees

Landscaping trees can fill in sparse areas of your yard, and their beauty can help add interest to a fall garden. Leyland cypress trees, yellow poplars, sugar maples and eastern redbuds are among the many varieties ideal for autumn planting. But be sure to choose burlap-wrapped or container-grown landscaping trees – bare-root saplings should be planted in early spring, not fall.


As with landscaping trees, many different types of shrubs are good for autumn planting. Some rose bushes provide colorful fall foliage, and boxwoods, oakleaf hydrangeas and viburnums are among the many shrubs that grow well in northern Utah.

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