Summertime may be winding down but, at your local garden center, things have not slowed down! Here at Millcreek Gardens, the fall activity is bustling – and we’re stocked with all the outdoor plants and gardening supplies you need to carry out your September gardening tasks.


Ready to get going? Our month-by-month garden center calendar clues you in on the most crucial September gardening chores to complete.

Harvest Garden Seeds

Collecting and storing your own vegetable seeds is a great way to get next year’s garden off to a great start. If you’re a beginner, try harvesting seeds from mature tomatoes, peppers, legumes and eggplant – they’re among the easiest to collect.

Plant New Shrubs & Landscaping Trees

Fall planting works well for many species of shrubs and landscaping trees, as it allows the plants to become established before spring arrives. For tips on which types to add to your northern Utah landscape now, stop by your local garden center.

Plant Spring-Blooming Perennials

Once the soil temperature drops below 60 degrees or so, you can plant spring-flowering perennials. Your local garden center is filled with gorgeous bulb that are ready to get in the ground, like tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus and dwarf irises.

Dig Up Tender Flower Bulbs

While you’re going about your bulb planting, don’t forget to dig up tender garden bulbs and preserve them for next summer. Dahlias, begonias and other tuberous plants won’t survive the winter in the soil, so make sure this September gardening task doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Transplant Herbs to Indoor Pots

As you’re doing all that digging, take time to transplant your outdoor herbs to pots for growing indoors during the winter. Chives, parsley, thyme, rosemary and marjoram are among the herbs you should transplant this month.

Fertilize Your Lawn

As you take on your September gardening tasks, think about your lawn. Now’s a good time to apply a slow-release fertilizer, as doing so will have a long-lasting effect on the health and beauty of your grass.

Reseed Dead Lawn Areas

If your yard has bare spots, pick up some fresh grass seed at a local garden center this month. For best results, cool-season lawns should be reseeded sometime between the beginning of September and the middle of October.

Keep Garden Pests and Weeds Under Control

As with just about every other month of the year, your September gardening chore list should include watching out for weeds and garden pests. Pull any weeds as soon as you spot them and seek out treatment if you notice an insect infestation.

Would you like more information on any of these September gardening tasks? For expert advice, visit Millcreek Gardens. Our friendly and knowledgeable garden center staff is always happy to answer questions and help northern Utah homeowners achieve their landscaping goals.

Millcreek Gardens can help you keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy, beautiful and strong all year long. For help with your September gardening tasks, visit our Salt Lake City garden center today.