Your garden center calendar starts to get a little hectic this time of year.

Garden Center Calendar: June Gardening Tasks

During the month of June, your gardening tasks should be targeted primarily toward caring for and maintaining the health of your outdoor plants. Fortunately, your local garden center is stocked with all the supplies you need to help your shrubs, perennials, annual flowers, rose bushes, veggies and fruit trees thrive.

Prune Your Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Spring-flowering shrubs should be pruned after blooming to stimulate bud growth in the next season. If you didn’t prune yours back in April, add the task to your June gardening chore list.

Deadhead Your Perennials and Annual Flowers

To encourage continued flowering, perennials and annual flowers should be deadheaded this month. As the blooms fade, make sure to cut off or pinch the dead flowers.

Divide Your Spring-Flowering Perennials

Digging up and dividing your spring-flowering perennials is an essential June gardening task. Separate the root clumps into several plants, then plant them elsewhere in your garden. Or, share your extra perennials with a neighbor, friend or family member.

Watch Over Your Rose Bushes

Rose bushes should be fertilized every month throughout the summer. In addition, check your rose bushes for signs of disease and insect infestation. If you suspect a problem, head to your local garden center for advice on restoring the health of your roses.

Thin Your Fruit Trees

For healthy, abundant fruit at harvest time, make thinning overloaded fruit trees a part of your June gardening. Apple, peach, pear and apricot trees should be thinned so that the fruits are about a hand-width apart.

Plant More Corn and Beans

If you want to extend your harvest time, consider repeat plantings of corn and beans. You can add more of these garden plants every other week during the month of June.

Start Seedlings for Your Fall Garden

Head to your local garden center to pick up seeds of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Start the seeds now, and they’ll be ready to plant in your fall garden.

Keep an Eye Out for Pests and Weeds

Be on the lookout for both insects and weeds this month. Take steps to keep weeds under control and, if you see any pests or insect damage, stop by your local garden center for expert advice on how to eliminate the problem.

For more information on any of these June gardening tasks, visit Millcreek Gardens. Our friendly and knowledgeable garden center staff is happy to offer expert advice and tips suited to the growing conditions of northern Utah.

The Millcreek Gardens team can handle all your June gardening needs, including plants, gardening supplies, potting soil and more. To learn more about keeping your outdoor plants at their best all summer, stop by our Salt Lake City garden center today.