Take a break from the summer heat and visit your local garden center! You’ll find deals on gorgeous mature outdoor plants to instantly beautify your northern Utah property and the expert staff can help you achieve all of your July gardening goals.

Gardening Tasks

So, what should you aim to accomplish this month? Our month-by-month garden center calendar explains the most important July gardening tasks.

Deadhead Your Annuals and Perennial Flowers

Continue deadheading your annuals and perennial flowers this month. Pinching or cutting off the dead blooms boosts the beauty of your landscape, and keeping up with this July gardening task may help stimulate further flowering.

Encourage Fading Annual Flower to Bloom Again

Wish you could squeeze a second bloom from your faded annual flowers? Try this July gardening trick – cut your annuals back by about half their height, then apply liquid fertilizer. This doesn’t always work, but it may be worth a shot!

Grow New Outdoor Plants in Empty Areas of Your Garden

If any of your annuals have already died off, pull them up and add them to your compost pile. Then, replant the empty landscape spots with new hardy annual flowers or perennials from your local garden center.

Deep Water Established Landscaping Trees and Shrubs

During the hottest days of summer, your landscaping trees and shrubs can get extra thirsty. Deep water them during the morning hours this month, drenching thoroughly and deeply. Let the soil dry out between watering sessions.

Fertilize Your Rose Bushes and Container Gardens

Rose bushes and container gardens need a dose of fertilizer this month. If you're not sure which type to use or have questions about application, the staff at your local garden center can point you in the right direction.

Remove Water Sprouts from Your Fruit Trees

Take a look at your fruit trees. If any have watersprouts, or vertical shoots within the canopy, remove them. Waterspouts can reduce fruit quality, and prompt removal not only helps prevent regrowth but also allows for better light and circulation within the tree.

Look Out for Garden Weeds and Pests

As in the previous months, your July gardening chore list should include watching for weeds and insects. Pull weeds as soon as you see them, before they have a chance to go to seed again. If you notice any garden pests, your local garden center can steer you toward an effective treatment,

Do you have questions about any of these July gardening tasks? Ask the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Millcreek Gardens – we love to help northern Utah gardeners keep their indoor and outdoor plants at their best.

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