You may see cyclamen everywhere you go these days — grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores. It’s a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for anyone — the pretty butterfly-shaped blooms brighten up homes during a dreary February and remind everyone that spring in Salt Lake City is not far away. But if you want your gift to matter — and to last — it’s best to get your cyclamen at our nursery, where you can be sure to get hardy, strong plants along with some professional advice for taking care of them.


Keeping Cyclamen Indoors

A cyclamen is a cheerful addition to a home, whether it serves as a centerpiece on the dining room table, a decoration on the window seat or a touch of color anywhere. A potted cyclamen prefers indirect lighting, so choose its home carefully. You may see the leaves stretch toward the light, so turn the plant from time to time to encourage even growth.

A tropical indoor cyclamen will go into dormancy once it is done blooming — don’t throw it away! It is just sleeping and will return with proper care.

Planting Cyclamen Outside

Hardy cyclamen can be planted outside once it is warm enough and you are done enjoying your plant indoors. You can plant your cyclamen in boxes, planters or directly in the ground (this is best done in fall).

Be sure to choose a moderately shady location — the Salt Lake City sun can quickly kill a cyclamen.

How to Care for Cyclamen

Talk to us about what soil is best to plant your cyclamen in — whether indoors or out — to keep this perennial blooming for years to come. When planting outdoors, good drainage is important to stave off rot. Planting in slightly hilly mounds can help as well.

When it comes to fertilizer, you will want one appropriate for houseplants for your indoor cyclamen. Ask the helpful staff here at our garden center which one is best for cyclamen.

You’ll want to protect your outdoor cyclamen with mulch through the cold season, but don’t cover the leaves — they will last until it gets bitter cold. In the spring, you can divide the cyclamen to spread the beauty around. Despite how their papery flowers look, cyclamen are hardy plants that can last many years.

Salt Lake City Gardeners’ Supply

There may still be snow on the ground, but remember that spring is only a month away! It’s time to start planning ahead for the growing season in Salt Lake City. Are you thinking of adding some shrubs this year? Or maybe even a small tree? Our nursery is the place to get it.

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