We all know what it’s like to be scrolling on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok and see influencers with perfect homes filled with lush, green houseplants that never seem to brown or wilt. Yet, some of us can’t seem to achieve this idyllic, natural look. If you’ve tried and failed at growing a plant that you were told was virtually impossible to kill, this article is for you. Millcreek Gardens is the gardeners’ supply store in Salt Lake City that wants to help you with your New Year’s resolution to keep your plants alive in 2022.

dead houseplant

Get Instructions from Your Favorite Garden Center in Salt Lake City

You know that little piece of plastic you see stuck in the dirt when you buy a new plant? That has valuable information on it about the care your plant needs.

If you’re in our Salt Lake City plant nursery and you see a plant you like, first take a look at that tag. Does it say the plant needs to be watered, repotted and pruned frequently? If you kill plants often, this high-maintenance plant might not be the right choice for you. Does it say the plant needs full sunlight, but you live in a small apartment with very little natural light? Maybe look for a plant that prefers indirect sunlight.

If you don’t see instructions on a plant but you are interested in buying it, ask an employee for help.

Water Your Plants Correctly

Many untimely plant deaths are due to improper watering. I’ll set the scene for you: you just bought a new plant and you’re really excited about it. You know you have a history of accidentally killing plants, so you are sure to water it every day. But as time goes on, the novelty of your plant starts to wear off, and you’re not watering it as often. Before you know it, the plant is losing leaves and turning brown.

Here’s what happened. In the midst of your excitement and determination, you inadvertently trained your plant to grow weak roots. As you let up on the daily watering (which is almost always overkill, by the way), the plant begins to sense drought and sheds its leaves in response.

To prevent over and underwatering, simply look up how often your plant needs water, or ask a Millcreek Gardens employee about plant supplies.

Don’t Throw Your Plant Away — It Might Be Salvageable!

Throwing away a dying plant is a common mistake. Just because your plant is losing leaves and turning brown doesn’t mean it’s dead! Simply trim off the dead parts of the plant, start taking better care of it and wait to see if there’s any new growth. If you have a plant in this condition, follow the tips above or ask us what you can do better.

Whenever you need help keeping a houseplant alive — or you need more houseplants — come to Millcreek Gardens of Salt Lake City. We make lives greener.