When it comes to dogs in your garden, there are care themes that need to be taken in both directions. Not only do you want to ensure your garden is set up in ways that won't be damaged or destroyed by your curious pups, you also want to make sure the garden doesn't contain any elements that are unsafe for your dog(s) if they're sniffing around.

At Millcreek Gardens, we're proud to offer a wide variety of garden products and supplies, from basic garden tools to fertilizers, soil and soil conditioners, and much more. We've assisted many clients with creating a dog-friendly garden, and we'll be happy to help you out as well. Here are some basic themes to keep in mind as you're crafting a dog-friendly and dog-safe garden.

garden safe friendly dogs

Dog-Friendly Plants

The first major task here is to ensure you're only planting items that are completely safe for dogs. There are a huge range of plants that qualify, including:

There are obviously plenty of other plants that are OK, but these are some basic suggestions to get you started. If you're unsure about a plant's safety for your pup, ask the experts at Millcreek Gardens or do your own research online!

Be Very Cautious With Chemicals

Your chemical usage should already be pretty limited in the garden, and especially if you're aiming for a dog-friendly garden, you'll want to be even more careful. Avoid using any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, as even tiny traces of these chemicals can be very harmful to dogs. If you must use a chemical for some reason, try to apply it far away from where your pup is likely to spend time.

Items to Secure

If you know your dog will be out and about in the garden regularly, and you're just looking to ensure they don't cause any problems, here are a couple securing themes to keep in mind:

For more on how to make your garden as dog-friendly and dog-safe as possible, or to learn about any of our gardening tools or services, speak to the pros at Millcreek Gardens today.